The Right Interior Designer Can Help With Big Decisions


Kitchen Remodel

If you’re making some big decisions about your home like refurnishing, repainting, or kitchen remodels, then it’s an excellent idea to partner with an experienced and reputable interior designer from Bidvine to make the right choices.

Here are some signs of the right interior designer:

  • They’re highly qualified and experienced with a strong portfolio, reviews, and references.
  • They’re local and have great relationships with furniture stores, decorators, and various contractors.
  • They are professional, friendly, and take the time to understand your goals before you help you achieve them.
  • They know how to find the right balance between aesthetics and practicality.
  • They offer multiple design packages that fit your budget and needs.
  • They’re experts at every space, including the living room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen, master bedroom, children’s bedroom, yards, and more.


Colour is a critical part of any home redesign. Whether it’s the bedroom, kitchen, or dining room, the colours of the walls and items in any living space must speak the right design language every day. For example, a pink coloured wall may seem like a good idea for one day, but it may prove to an eyesore for the rest of the year.

A good interior designer will learn about your style and help you pick the right colours for your home.

Kitchen Redesign

Renovating your kitchen is one of the most significant decisions you can make. Without the right plan, your kitchen remodel can become a source of anxiety and discontent. That’s why you need an interior designer for kitchen remodel projects, especially in a big city like Toronto, where the choices can be overwhelming.

  • Budgeting: Remember, a kitchen remodel can require a significant investment. To keep things under control and avoid spending on items you don’t need, you need professional input.
  • Planning: An interior designer can help you plan your kitchen remodel based on your needs. Sure, a sophisticated kitchen looks lovely. But do you really need one if you plan to stay single or have a small family? Do you need a kitchen that’s great for baking? Do you cook aromatic Asian cuisine and hence want a kitchen with good air circulation? A good professional can help you answer all of these questions.
  • Maintenance: Do you prefer a kitchen that’s gorgeous but high-maintenance or a kitchen that’s practical yet aesthetically pleasing? Only a professional interior designer can help you pick the right materials for your kitchen countertop based on your wants and needs.
  • Details: A professional designer understands the finer points of a kitchen remodel that you probably haven’t considered. For example, they may know what type of faucet you need or where to find your perfect cabinets. Many of these details can make or break or kitchen redesign.


There’s so much more to buying furniture than merely paying for something that looks nice on your computer screen. The right furniture for your home should be the right colour, design, make, etc. Also, your furniture should be the right size for your space.

With professional help, you can make the right choice the first time and avoid the stress of returning a bulky item. These are just some of the important decisions a professional interior designer can help you with.

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