The Right Tools For The Right Job


The Right Tools For The Right Job

Having the Right Tools

Remember when you were in grade school, and the teacher asked you to take out your crayons? It was a beautiful moment. You could indulge all your senses with as many colors as you wanted on the one piece of paper before you. What a wonderful experience! Things haven’t changed. Everyone who works in the marketplace goes to work and uses just the right tools to get their jobs done. The secretary is busy with her keyboard, while the CEO of a large corporation is either giving a lecture or in an executive meeting showing a powerpoint.

The farmer has his tractor and plow. The doctor has his scalpels and stethoscope. A dramatist has his stage and his props, and the teacher has his chalk and board. In short, everyone needs just the right tools to do their jobs properly. Just the opposite happens when the professional goes to work, and his weapons are missing. What happens then? What will the secretary do now that her keyboard stopped working or her muti-set telephone can’t transfer phone calls to all the offices she is responsible for. Her day is frustrating. Even the clown needs his tools. Without his curly red hair and big red nose, he won’t get any laughs. A monster can’t go to Monster University without a monster uniform; otherwise, he won’t be able to scare the children.

The Gardener

Gardening Tools

Any gardener needs a garden, a hose, and a hoe. Without any of these three tools, he cannot be called a gardener. If he has a garden and a hoe but is without water, what good is it since all of his plants will die of thirst. A hoe and water with no garden are just as bad since he won’t have a place to sow his seeds in the ground. A happy gardener has all three as part of his garden tools.

The Surgeon

Surgical Instruments

A doctor has essential tools to make his life more comfortable. If you’ve had the opportunity to see a doctor on TV or in his office, he will have these three tools near him. Where would a surgeon be without his surgery supplies? First, a doctor has a sphygmomanometer, which measures the blood pressure of his patients. The doctor presses the pump several times, the armband expands, and the doctor reads his patient’s blood pressure. Secondly, a stethoscope is used, which allows the doctor to listen to his patient’s heart rhythm. Thirdly, the doctor always has a thermometer to measure the temperature of his patients.

 A Home Builder

Carpenter Tools

A home builder needs his tools to build a house. How would you like your home built without a measuring tape, a hammer, and a saw? The carpenter cannot perform his building skills without his hammer, saw, and measuring tape. Otherwise, his measurements will be off, the house will look very crooked, and you will be afraid to walk into a corrupt home.

Where Is My Tool?

Everyone needs tools to perform their professional duties. You can understand why people are so picky about lending their tools to others because they are so dependent upon them to carry out their work. If the doctor gives his stethoscope to a patient, but the patient fails to return the stethoscope, the doctor is not able to help his next patient. It is like a judge without his gavel or a policeman without his badge or gun. A person cannot referee without his whistle and black and white striped shirt. So next time before asking a farmer to borrow his hoe or a secretary to borrow her typewriter, think how difficult it will be for them to carry out their professional duties without them. Can a bird fly without wings? Can a dog protect you without his bark? Just like humans, animals even need their tools to do what they are expected to do naturally. We can summarize by saying that the right tools define the person and enable them to express their professional skills.

More Tools

Sometimes people extend the family of their essential tools and find they can do even better work with more means of their trade, but they need to find room for them and not allow their workspaces to become too cluttered with tools. A drummer couldn’t do his job with just one drum, but he needs a whole set. Every professional is different, and we can be sure that the doctor, the farmer, and the teacher will always have their essential tools to make their life happier.

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