The Simplest Solution – 6 Easy Upholstery Tips For The Upcycling Novice


6 Easy Upholstery Tips For The Upcycling Novice

Reupholstering makes even the craftiest of people feel intimidated. It has the reputation of a DIY project for the select few that have perfected the art of upholstery. But alas, this is not the case! Upcycling is on the rise, and reupholstering is the latest craze that even a novice can master. So before you begin tearing apart your grandmother’s armchair, read on for some essential tips and tools that will make even the upcycling novice up for success.

  1. Fabric

Choosing the color and fabric for your project is a great way to kick of your upholstery enthusiasm. So whether you are looking for durable cotton for a sofa or a weather-proof vinyl material for boat cushions, be sure to do your research. Choosing a fabric that will hold up to the wear and tear of your specific project will ensure your hard work will be enjoyed for years to come.

  1. Furniture

Not all furniture is worthy of the time and money it takes to reupholster.

Choose a piece that is structurally sound and well-built. Older furniture tends to be of higher quality. Remember those hideous dining room chairs your grandmother passed down to you?

Those could be the perfect first project.

Bring those beauties back to life with a beautiful new, modern look. You can also look at old furniture in new ways. For example, reupholstering an ottoman and using it as your bedside table!

  1. Take it Slow

Resist the urge to rip the old, ugly fabric off in haste. Instead, remove old fabric off slowly and carefully. This fabric can then be used as a template for the new fabric piece, saving you so much time in carefully measuring out the size and shape!

  1. Document the Process

Take a photo of each step as you disassemble the furniture or remove fabric or essential nails and screws. Then, when you are putting the piece back together, you will have a step-by-step guide! You will be surprised at how much time and stress this will save you.

  1. Start Simple

Reupholstering is a DIY task that anyone can learn. But like any skill, it is smart to start simple, learn the ropes, then move on to more complex projects. For example, it is advised to start with a small stool or chair, then work up to that big armchair you have dreamed of changing.

  1. Tools

To ensure an easy process and quality finished product, invest in two essential reupholstering tools. First, buy a pair of sharp, high-quality fabric scissors. Buy scissors specific to fabric, don’t use them for anything else, and don’t try to do the job with a cheap pair of dull scissors from your junk drawer. Second, you will need a staple gun that is strong and easy to use. Get something with enough power to get staples firmly into the high-quality wood frame with minimal fuss.

If your house is filled with old furniture that is strong and sturdy but lacks the style you desire, upcycling and reupholstering are the perfect solution. It is such a fun and affordable way to give a piece of furniture, or even your whole living room, a whole new look. Resist the urge to go to a cheap furniture store and stock up on poorly made furniture that will break down quickly.

Take a look at what you already have; maybe even ask grandma if she will let you rummage through her storage shed for materials. Once you feel the satisfaction of owning a high-quality, durable, long-lasting piece of furniture tailored perfectly to your style, you will never look back!

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