The Suburban Farmer – 3 Weather-Wise Ways To Keep Your Garden Flourishing Through Summer


Summer is a great time of year in Australia, with abundant sunshine, pool parties, backyard barbeques, and lazy days on the beach to enjoy. It seems as if everyone is in a good mood, there are plenty of festivals and events happening, and it’s wonderful to be out enjoying the sunshine every day.

While we humans love the hot summer months and the freedom they offer, our gardens don’t enjoy this time of year quite so much. The ground is dry, there’s a lack of rainfall, and the heat can be detrimental to our gardens’ health. Maintaining your lawn and garden with a little TLC will go a long way to your plants not only surviving but thriving in the summer heat.

Continue reading to learn how you can keep your garden flourishing through summer this year.

Regular Watering

Regular Watering in Garden

No matter what part of the country you live in or what kind of climate your garden is exposed to, water management must be a priority. At this time of year, the ground is much drier than usual, and the lack of moisture is not good for your plants or lawn.

Regularly watering your garden can be difficult with family and work commitments, but it must be done. Irrigation controllers are a great way to stay on top of your watering responsibilities. Just set the timer and let the device do the rest. Not only will you be able to leave the house knowing that your plants are cared for, but you will also reduce your overall water consumption too.

Soil Management

Soil Management

Watering your garden regularly is fantastic, but to make the process even more, efficient consider adding a wetting agent to the soil. Applying a wetting agent will help the soil absorb water and spread the water out more efficiently. With a wetting agent, the soil will retain moisture for longer, which means you won’t have to water regularly.

Another way to improve the efficiency of your soil is to add organic mulch. Different mulch types such as compost, wood chips, or old lawn clippings will not only add different textures to your garden but will also reduce the amount of watering required by up to 60%.

Choose The Right Plants

Choose the Right Plants

Which plants you choose for your garden will depend on where in Australia you are located and what kind of climate you are dealing with. Some very robust plants and durable grasses make great additions to any summer garden as they thrive in a range of soil and weather conditions.

Vegetables are one of the best choices for the true suburban farmer out there. Keep your veggie patch alive and kicking with snake beans, sweet potatoes, and corn, which do well in hot climates. If your patch gets some shade, you can also consider growing cabbage or broccoli this summer.

Care Properly For Your Garden

Garden Care

With the advice listed in this article taken into account, it’s still crucial to perform regular garden maintenance to keep your garden thriving in the summer. Mowing the grass regularly will decrease the number of weeds and stop grass from growing into your flowerbeds.

If you have more delicate plants, consider covering them with a sun canopy to protect them from the harsh midday sun. And finally, aerate your lawn to promote water and air circulation through the soil.

Summer doesn’t need to spell disaster for your garden or lawn. With some proper care and the right techniques, there’s no reason your plants can’t continue to thrive through the warmer months.

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