The Synthetic Grass Revolution


Gorgeous Lawn

A Gorgeous Lawn

The phrase “Go outside and mow the lawn” is a command we have heard television wives scream at television husbands for our entire lives. When we watch Lucille Ball yell at her husband Desi to go outside and engage in lawn maintenance, we have been subtly programmed to think that that is what husbands do for wives, and that is what houses are supposed to feature. A gorgeous, lush lawn is practically a character in many films, as people are insistent that a wide-angle shot of a house, business, or even university will be something we have grown to expect.

One thing we do not expect, however, is fire ants. Fire ants have been known to cause incredible destruction to people’s lawns and, by proxy, the pets that frolic on those lawns. Fire ants do not, however, build nests in artificial turf. Your cats, dogs, bunnies, and other outdoor creatures will be so much happier knowing that they can lay about anywhere on the grass without having to experience bug bites. You might want to click here to learn more about the bugs that could be plaguing your organic grass lawn. The fact that you do not have to mow the lawn is obvious; what is less clear is the fact that it is an excellent bug deterrent that will benefit your property overall.

We consider the aesthetics when we think about the importance of the astro turf lawn. If we remain in that intellectual space, we should recall that Wimbledon, the tennis tournament, occurs on synthetic grass. As tennis fans are aware, the four main grand slams are all on different types of tennis courts. Wimbledon is likely one of the largest annual purchasers of synthetic grass, and they are definitely setting a major trend for our lives without us realizing it. The players we root and cheer for are probably the best international advertisements for synthetic grass, showing that it is durable enough to take a pounding from athletes while also remaining beautiful to look at.

Synthetic Grass

What Are The Other Benefits?

There are many types of bugs that terrorize American lawns, the most notable one being the cicada. The cicada is a bug that solely exists to reproduce, sleep, release excrement while screaming, and then pass away. It shows its face once every ten years, and its screams are so widely audible that people are able to hear a single cicada many miles away as it debuts from the earth. People who enjoy lush artificial grass are able to look around at the properties around them, knowing that they are the only ones in the neighborhood who are not being tormented by the screams of cicadas.

Investing in artificial turf will additionally help you to have a very versatile lawn that can withstand various difficulties that you may experience as a property owner. If you live in an area that experiences hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and other environmental issues, you can do your part by giving back to the environment. You can accomplish this by going with postmodern astro turf, as it is constructed to be a lot more durable and beautiful than it used to be for many decades. For many years, synthetic grass was incredibly obvious and ugly, but recently it has improved in quality significantly.

Synthetic Is The Future

Remember when synthetic grass did not even look like its natural color, green? Artificial turf used to offer a neon green color that was very obviously fake. It was considered tacky and classless, and as a result, the combined financial and environmental savings were not fully realized by anyone. But in the last several decades, the environmental dividends were a massive boon to society, in addition to the improvement of the aesthetics of the synthetic turf. For example, there are websites like this one: that show us just how much we can save by avoiding organic grass. Thankfully, the savings over the life of your lawn will far exceed the cost of installing the artificial turf.

As a form of incredible exterior design improvement, the massive increase in the quality of artificial grass has made the cost for landscapers significant. The cost of hiring a landscaper was once prohibitively expensive for many people, but now that many people are requesting this type of artificial grass, the prices have become far more reasonable. Perhaps some landscapers would like to still charge a considerable amount, but those prices cannot be commanded when customers are increasingly cognizant of just how cheap these artificial grass installations can be. You can likely insist upon a more affordable price than you would if you were including very expensive natural grass.

You might think that artificial grass means there will be a greater proliferation of micro plastics throughout the globe. Thankfully, artificial grass is increasingly environmentally friendly inherently as opposed to being environmentally key for the conservation of water. In this way, artificial turf is contributing to the preservation of our environment in multiple ways. This is why we should strongly consider this innovation when putting together our yards and lawns.

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