The Tools You Need To Begin Woodworking



Creating things with our own hands is such an amazing experience that involves a lot of fun when you start from scratch. Planning your handcrafted projects gives you the freedom to create whatever you want, in any shape or color, and with the highest quality material.

One of the best DIY projects in woodworking. You can build your rustic coffee table, dining room, and even bed frame. It can seem very intimidating for beginners to start building things using wood.

Woodworking has proven to have many benefits such as reducing anxiety and stress, boosts your mood, helps to build muscles, improve mental sharpness, learn a new skill, and more.

You can get all of these benefits of woodworking and begin planning your project with the help of this guide.

DIY experts are always looking for experienced things. Review the best handyman tool so you can find tools in the best way as your needs.

The Basic Tools You Will Need To Start

Before you start anything, you will have to purchase the necessary tools for woodworking.

Saw And Drill

There are various kinds of saws, but the most commonly used are jigsaw, circular saw, and miter saw.

  • Jigsaws – saws that come with a small blade that moves similarly to a hand saw for cutting wood. They are used to make curved and small cuts.
  • Circular Saw – recommended for straight cuts, and they are often very affordable.
  • Mite Saw – The quickest and easiest saws to use. It is similar to a circular saw, but it comes with a track system to help you make it straight while cutting wood.

As for drills, you will need to create a system for fastening.

  • Drill – used for creating joints and fastening with screws.
  • Brad Nailer – offers nails that are easy to use and hide, as well as being extremely affordable.
  • Kreg Jig – This tool is great to use with a drill, as it works to attach boards while keeping the hole for the screw hidden.

Tape Measure

You will need a measuring tape to assist you with marking where you will need to cut the wood and overall layout.

Speed Square

A speed square will guide you by drawing a line when you start cutting with a jigsaw or circular saw. It can also attach boards.


Clamps are used to secure boards when you are cutting and building with wood. You will need large clamps to be able to use it to clamp projects or your workbench.

Safety Glasses And Hearing Protection

It’s crucial to be safe while working with wood and building projects, as accidents can easily happen with things flying around or slipping out. Safety glasses and ear protection will keep you out of harm’s way when you work with power tools such as saws and drills.

Orbital Sander

You can use an orbital sander to prepare the surface of the wood for painting and to finish the project. It can be used to remove paint or varnish.

After you have gathered your tools, you can begin to follow instructional woodworking videos such as TedsWoodworking.

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