The Top Aspects You Should Pay Attention To When Coming Up With A Show Home


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Show homes have a sole purpose: to make them irresistible to home buyers and make buyers imagine themselves enjoying the place and having it as their own. Any show home would be filled with the proper accouterments – be it a pleasant, just-baked smell emanating from the kitchen, a beautifully-made bed, and so on. But while these little details will matter, there’s no doubt that you have to pay attention to the big aspects as well. When designing your show home, it has to have the right balance throughout – with nothing sticking out like a sore thumb. But it also has to be neat, tidy, and as clean as can be! So what are the aspects you should pay attention to when coming up with a show home? Let’s find out.

  • Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

Having a clean show home is one of your most important goals. It wouldn’t do to have expensive accessories and then have a spot or two of dirt on the corners or windowsills. Give your show home a proper cleaning – and we mean cleaning it from top-to-bottom. A good show home will be as immaculate as possible, and it’s essential to pay particular attention to spots which buyers could look into, such as inside the cupboards, inside the oven, behind the chairs and couches, and on the windowsills. Give any glass element a proper polishing, whether it’s mirrors or windows. Nothing can turn off buyers more than a dirty show home!

  • Give Each Room A Unique Definition

Showhome interior design firms like Blocc recommend focusing on each room – and giving each room a unique definition. Do the rooms all look alike, with no room standing out? You’d want your master bedroom to stand out, for example, so make sure it’s grand and elegant yet inviting, too. But all the rooms in your show home are essential, so showcase their best advantages. And remember that show homes will never have a spare room – every room is supposed to be utilized. So if it’s a kid’s room, decorate it to tell everyone who walks in that it’s a room for a child. If it’s a dining room, show off the dining table and chairs, notably if they feature a beautiful design or material.

  • Focus On Accessories

Show homes tend to have neutral-colored walls to make every buyer relate to them. But even while your show home has grey, cream, or taupe walls for every room, your chosen accessories should be eye-catching and welcoming at the same time. Think candles, lamps, artwork, and cushions, and don’t forget fresh flowers, either. It would be a great idea to choose a scheme and color – and stick with it.

  • Design A Dream Kitchen

Most people will gravitate towards the kitchen in any home, and we all know that most households use the kitchen as the central spot where everyone can gather. That means one thing: it’s essential to design a dream kitchen for your potential buyers. Showhome kitchens will feature spotless kitchen appliances and fixtures, and they will not have any clutter at all. Here’s a tip: place a bowl of limes and lemons on the counter to give the kitchen a more welcoming, cozy ambiance. If there is a lovely dining table, show it off with a proper dining setup, too!

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