The Ultimate Checklist For A Valentine’s Day At Home


Checklist For A Valentine's Day

With work, family commitments, and everything else going on, you might find yourself spending Valentine’s Day at home. Thankfully, you can have a great time without going anywhere special. Your home will do, as happiness starts here!

You can do a few things to make the day (and night) special. Here are a few tips to turn the occasion into a memorable one.

Preparing For A Great Night

With a little bit of planning, you can make Valentine’s Day a special occasion. It beats throwing things together at the last minute, and your date/partner will appreciate the effort. Here are a few tips to prepare for a great night:

Organize A Surprise During The Day

Valentine’s Day falls on Monday this year, so most people will be at work. However, you can set the mood for a fun night by sending flowers (a little cliché but still a lovely gesture), handmade chocolates, tickets for a concert, or anything else thoughtful to your partner’s desk, setting the mood for a romantic night ahead.

Pictured: Flowers going out for delivery, delivery woman adhering to covid safety measures.

Sort Out A Delicious, Candlelit Dinner

Nothing beats sitting down together for a candlelit dinner.

This can be something you cook yourself or something you order to make life easier. Go for something you both love and if you can, spend a little extra on the best stuff.

Do You Have Children?

When you have kids, finding time for romance is difficult, and it is not always possible to find a babysitter, so why not make them a part of it and celebrate together?

  • Create Valentine’s breakfast with the kids
  • Make gift certificates. “I will play your favorite game.” (perhaps after Valentine’s Day)
  • Do a unique craft project for someone elderly and spread the love!
  • Plant some flowers (forget me knots?)

It will help if you make your children feel part of it and teach them about love and kindness, and hopefully, you will get the much-needed rest bite for romance to rekindle the fire together or embark on that new relationship!

Pictured: Mother and child making Valentine’s Day Crafts.

The magic happens after this. So open the bottle of red and perhaps have some tapas, and spend some quality time together!

Organize Some Entertainment

Valentine’s Day at home is prime for Netflix, chilling, and watching a romantic rom-com.

Alternatively, play some valentines Day board games. There are so many to choose from on Amazon to suit every budget.

Don’t Forget Your Gift.

Sometimes, a card is all that’s needed, but a gift always takes things to another level., The best Valentine’s Day gifts for her are tailored to her tastes and style. For men, go for something practical, like a new razor or reusable water bottle for the gym if he likes keeping fit.

Prepping Your Bedroom For Valentine’s Day

Let’s assume you do get it this Valentine’s Day. The condition and state of your bedroom and bed are essential.

Here’s how to prep:

Need A New Mattress? Now’s The Time!

If your mattress is lumpy, sagging, or squeaky, now’s the time to get rid. You can order a mattress from Bedstar and have it delivered the next day. Their premium service will also take away your old mattress and recycle it.

Revive Your Bed With An Upholstered Headboard

Pictured: Sweet Dreams Ottowa 4FT 6 Double Fabric Headboard (Available in a choice of colors from Bedstar Online)

If you have a divan or ottoman bed, transform it with a fancy headboard. Headboards are strutted (attached to the base), floor-standing (attached to the base but standing), or wall-mounted (mounted to the wall only). You will be surprised how this simple change can transform the look of your bedroom.

TV Beds

If moving things to the bedroom is the aim of the game, a TV bed lets you combine Netflix and chill with quality time. TV beds have a motorized TV mount built into the foot of the bed, which rises at the press of a button, perfect for those cozy duvet days with the one you love.

Pictured: Cyrus 4FT 6 Double TV Bed (Available in a choice of colors from Bedstar Online)

Make Your Bed

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romance; it’s about passion too. So make sure your bed is tip-top. Put on fresh bedding, and if you can, layer it up with a knitted blanket and cushions to make it inviting. After all, this is your quiet place for relaxation and intimacy.

Paint Your Bedroom Walls, Or Create A Feature Wall

Pictured: Julian Bowen Fullerton 4FT 6 Double Storage Bed, showcased against batten-styled wall paneling board. Available from Bedstar

If you are hosting a date, first impressions count. Consider freshening up your bedroom walls with a coat of paint – choose low-VOC paint so the smell isn’t bad. A feature wall is also a good idea. Perhaps consider wall paneling. It is cost-effective and looks great!

Clean And Freshen Things Up

Don’t forget to clean and freshen up your bedroom. Tidy up, get the hoover out, look for stains, dust furniture, and spray some odor-neutralizer. It’s cheap and easy to clean, and it should only take you an hour or so.

Overall, Valentine’s Day at home isn’t the fun vacuum it’s made out to be but a day to create memories or rekindle love and kindness. But, of course, you can have a great time without doing much at all, although these tips will help make it more memorable.

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