The Ultimate Guide For Selecting The Best Worm Drive Saw In 2018


You must be wondering, what’s the big deal about selecting a tile saw? After all, it’s a simple power tool that is designed to cut tiles. While the tool appears very simple, those in the business of tile cutting would agree that these simple-looking tools operate differently. A standard direct saw is ideal for woodcutting and other less intensive home jobs, but to carry out complex tasks, you need a worm drive saw that delivers more power, better balance, and durability.

Most tile cutters use the motor worm drive saw that delivers more spin directly to the saw blade. They are heavier and way more expensive than the standard saw. However, various factors must be considered before selecting the appropriate worm drive saw.

  • The purpose of the saw (surface in which it would be used)
  • The overall weight of the saw
  • The motor power required for the job
  • The experience of the user
  • The overall Budget of the saw

Based on the above parameters, you will decide the best worm drive saw suited for your job. Let’s look at some of the factors that can help you select the right tool.

The Capacity Of The Saw

MK Diamond MK-101 Wet Cutting Tile Saw

For a Drive saw, capacity refers to the tool’s ability to cut through larger and thick surfaces. These cutters are available in different capacities based on the size of the surface. For instance, a home-makers requirement would be very different from a craftsman’s requirement. So, according to your usage, you must select the size of the saw.

Motor Power

DEWALT D24000S Heavy Duty Wet Tile Saw

Undoubtedly, power is all you need to cut through the most difficult surfaces, and more the power of your saw, the better will be its performance. However, even in terms of power, one must keep in mind the type of requirement, because based on the power, the prices also vary. If the job involves cutting through rigid materials, then a power of 1.5HP or even more is essential, but if your need is only restricted to tile cutting, then a maximum of 1.2HP should be adequate.

Blade Size

2.5 Horsepower Industrial Tile Saw

Today, different types of motor saw models are available in the market, but the most important factor before purchasing any model is the blade size. Primarily, a bigger blade is always recommended as it not only cuts through tiles but can also be used to cut different materials. Further, depending on your need, you can also select a model with multiple blades.

Also, always go for the diamond-coated blades, which can easily cut through difficult surfaces and are more durable than the normal blades.

Weight Of The Saw

MK-370EXP Wet Cutting Tile Saw

If you are thinking of working at different places, then the biggest factor that should be kept in mind is how comfortable it will be to carry the saw at various work locations. Therefore, depending on your job type, choose the weight of the saw.

A lightweight saw will be convenient for those working at different sites. Also, check if you are comfortable with the saw by taking a demo before buying.

Apart from the above, do consider safety, price, warranty, accuracy, and, most importantly, the versatility of the motor drive saw before purchasing a Worm Drive Saw.

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