The Ultimate Guide To Aluminium Doors: Prices, Brands, Features, And Advantages


For modern living spaces, aluminium doors are considered one of the most extensively used door choices. Whether modern living or aesthetically designed space with a touch of classic styles, aluminium doors have been a preeminent choice. Not only their salient features, such as aesthetic designs, affordability, and functionality, but also Durability, thermal comfort, and energy efficiency are the reasons why one always opts for aluminium. There are many benefits to installing aluminium doors in your living space. In this blog, we will consider aluminium doors; from their price to brands to types to features to advantages, we have got you covered.

What Are The Advantages Of Installing Aluminium Doors?

Aluminium Sliding Doors

Are aluminium doors good? What are the top advantages of aluminium doors? And why choose a door made of aluminium? We have jotted down the top advantages of aluminium doors to explain it briefly.

  • Aluminium Is Eco-sustainable

Aluminium doors are durable, robust, low-maintenance, highly weatherproof, and sturdy. Only  5% of the energy is needed to create new aluminium, which is why it can be used for recycling purposes and eco-sustainability. Aluminium doors ensure Durability and are economical and environmentally beneficial window and door choices.

  • Aluminium Is Robust And Durable

The remarkable Durability of aluminium doors makes them one of the top door choices when it comes to Durability. Their natural corrosion resistance is the reason why aluminium is a perfect material for external doors. Also, aluminium doors are more enduring, long-lasting and strength-built than wood, which can deteriorate or warp with time, or steel, which can rust when exposed to dampness or moisture.

  • Aluminium Is Affordable

Aluminium doors are undoubtedly easy to install, maintain, and upkeep. Only a basic cleaning is required for the door frame. The lower energy consumption in aluminium production can lead to consequent cost advantages. Aluminium is a lightweight, malleable, and economical material owing to its variability.

  • Aluminium Assures Low-cost Maintenance

Aluminum is lightweight, durable, and robust, making it simple to work with. Processing and shaping it are easy. It needs extremely little care and has a lengthy and long-lasting life. Consequently, aluminium is a low-cost maintenance material.

  • Aluminium Is Aesthetically Pleasing

Aluminium doors are not only modern and aesthetically pleasing but can also improve the overall appearance of any space. With its comprehensive door styles, aluminium offers versatility, which means a wide array of modern, aesthetically designed, and economical aluminium doors within budget.

  • Aluminium Offers Sound Insulation Features

Sound insulation is another benefit of installing aluminium doors, no matter the space. On the other hand, the materials such as glass, frame, and sealants are employed in your Door. Aluminium doors can meet extremely high levels of sound insulation through high-elasticity sealants and triple-glazed glass.

Aluminium Doors And Its Features

Aluminium Doors

Aluminium doors have many features, making them a popular choice for many homeowners, architects, and construction professionals, particularly those who own businesses and industrial buildings. They are also used in contemporary living spaces to give them a sophisticated and aesthetic appearance.

The top features of aluminium doors in India are their robustness, strength, and longevity. Aluminium is preeminent for its extraordinary strength, and its products’ strength, robustness, and quality serve as evidence of this. Aluminium doors have a long lifespan of decades. They frequently outlast comparative items made of diverse materials.

Top Features Of Choosing Aluminium Doors

  • Robustness And Durability:- Able to withstand weather damage, rust, and corrosion.
  • Lightweight: The aluminium door ensures simple functionality and assembly because of its small weight.
  • Low-Cost Maintenance: Compared to other materials such as PVC and uPVC, aluminium needs low-cost maintenance or upkeep.
  • Low Energy Expenses:- Lower energy expenses owing to its robust thermal insulation salient features.
  • Versatility:- Available in a comprehensive range of finishes, styles, and colours to accommodate various aesthetic needs.
  • Safety And Security: Aluminium also ensures robustness, sturdiness, and Durability and is compatible with high-security and safety locking mechanisms.
  • Eco-Sustainable: Aluminium doors are considered one of the most extensively used sustainable and recyclable materials. Selection of sustainable and highly recyclable materials.

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Top Aluminium Door Brands In India

Aluminium Doors Design

  • Schueco

Renowned for efficient design and engineering, Schueco specializes in fully sustainable and eco-friendly aluminium door solutions that are fully personalized to meet your needs and budget. If you are looking for eco-sustainable, cost-effective and modern aluminium doors, Schueco has got you covered.

  • Fenesta

Fenesta is one of the most eminent aluminium door manufacturers and suppliers based in India. With a comprehensive range of aluminium window styles, economical prices, and on-time delivery, Fenesta has created an envious reputation in the domain of aluminium window design and manufacturing.

  • Alupure

Specializing in aluminium doors that blend inefficiently with modern architecture, Alupure is one of the most prominent aluminium door brands in India for its superb quality, economical prices, and elegant design. Their extensive range of aluminium doors is renowned for their energy efficiency, Durability, and simplistic design.

How Much Does Aluminium Door Cost in India?

4 Panel Aluminium Sliding Doors

  • Casement Door 400 to 1000 (per sq. Ft.)
  • Tilt & Turn Door 800 to 1600 (per sq. Ft.)
  • Lift & Slide Door 1200 to Rs. 3000 (per sq. Ft.)
  • French Door 500 to Rs. 1500 (per sq. Ft.)
  • Bi-fold Door 1000 to Rs. 2800 (per sq. Ft.)
  • French Door 500 to Rs. 1200 (per sq. Ft.)
  • Sliding Door 300 to Rs. 800 (per sq. Ft.)

Conclusion: Should We Choose Aluminium Doors?

Choosing the right doors for your living space is important. Aluminium doors, with their fascinating benefits and salient features, make for an excellent door choice. From on-trend and sophisticated designs that can improve any space to their robustness, Durability, and many other features, aluminium doors offer a balanced package of contemporary design and functionality.

Not only that, but because of the variety of choices, there is always an aluminium door for you, regardless of your unique needs, varied interests, or preferred design or style.

The manufacturers of aluminium doors understand that your living space deserves nothing less than the best. So, what are you still waiting for? Invest in aluminium doors at all times to transform your room into a safe, cosy, and beautiful retreat that fits your lavish lifestyle and sense of style.

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