The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Commercial Dishwasher


Commercial Dishwasher

A commercial dishwasher is indispensable for your food and beverage business. It is significantly powerful as compared to the domestic counterpart; it draws more power and cleans the dirtiest of utensils. Every restaurant, café, and deli require equipment to serve their unique needs, which is why buying the right dishwasher is essential. It might pass our notice, but the commercial dishwasher is one of the machinery that determine the efficacy of your kitchen and whether the guests are served on time and to their liking. A good dishwasher will ease your work during peak hours and allow the staff to leave on time, keeping them happy. Here are a few factors you must consider when spending on a commercial dishwasher.

  1. Size Mattes (so does capacity)

First things first, you don’t want to buy a dishwasher that is too big to fit in the space you have or too small to fall short on functionality. Therefore, you should begin by measuring the space, which is important because commercial kitchens are usually bustling with activity. Additionally, you must consider the placement and the ease of operating in certain positions.

On the other hand, capacity is equally important as it will determine how many utensils you will be able to wash in a go. This makes it one of the essential considerations since your customers might wait once, but not more than that just because you don’t have clean utensils. So, you will have to choose between space constraints, extra plates or losing customers. The choice is yours!

  1. Cost

Well, you cannot spend more than you have if you’re not one of those who doesn’t have to think before they pay. Sticking to the budget is unavoidable and advisable, which is why you will have to strike a balance between requirement and budget. Small undercounter dishwashers by BOSCH available online at AWW Kitchens will serve very well as a small café or restaurant. The same dishwasher for a large cafeteria will be inadequate.

Moreover, you should consider the operating costs that include power and water usage that will amount to be considerable. Therefore, go for more efficient models that save water and energy, thereby saving you time and money. Finally, ensure that it doesn’t operate slowly, or you can imagine the subsequent disaster.

  1. Convenience

Presuming that most take turns at operating the dishwasher several times a day, it should be simple to use. However, this feature is usually taken care of by the manufacturers as they realize efficient solutions are required in kitchens unless you go for the cheapest option. However, convenience doesn’t only depend on the model, but its placement and location as well. Consider whether you’ll have cups, glasses, and plates within reach of your hand or will you be calling across the kitchen for a couple of forks. Finally, consider the number and proportion of the racks and whether they allow fast racking and unloading.

  1. Temperature

You have the option to choose between high and low-temperature dishwashers. The high-temperature dishwashers heat up to 180 F to sanitize the utensils. Some of them eliminate the need for detergents or chemicals, which make them appropriate for big establishments. Low-temperature dishwashers require chemicals or detergents. Both types may be chosen as per the requirement. However, in the long run, high-temperature variants turn out to be more convenient and environment-friendly.

These factors aside, you must consider the speed at which the dishwasher cleans other than the noise and water & electrical requirements. Consider everything before you purchase to get the best out of your commercial dishwasher. Furthermore, with online retailers like AAW Kitchens, you don’t have to worry about roaming around in the market. You can browse among tons of options and choose the best commercial dishwasher as per your requirement.

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