The Ultimate Washing Machine Buying Guide


Choosing new kitchen appliances is not as easy as it used to be. Nowadays, we have thousands of different options for the size, the design, and the unique features that they occur. In this guide, we will take you through some of the things that you should consider when buying a new washing machine for your home. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more about this.

  1. The Size

Washing Machine Size

The first place to start is on the size of the washing machine. You need to base this on the number of people in your family and how much washing you’ll be doing each day. We’re not just talking about the washing machine’s actual size – even though this is important –you also need to think about the drum size. You’ll find that some washing machines come with a 10-13kg drum which is great for those families who have a lot of washing. If your family is more medium-sized, you will probably be fine with a 7-9kg washing machine.

  1. The Spin Speed

Washing Machine Spin Speed

Another essential thing to think about when choosing a washing machine for your home is the spin speed. You’ll want your clothes to be washed as well as possible, and so you’ll need a washing machine that has a good spin speed. Washing machines range from around 1200rpm to 1600rpm, so make sure to consider this. Don’t worry if you choose one with a fast spin speed as you’ll be able to turn it down for your delicate clothes.

  1. The Brand

Washing Machine Buying Guide

Although the brand is not always the most important thing to consider when choosing a washing machine, it is essential to believe it. Do your research and find out more about the washing machine brand that you are wanting. You’ll find that there will be reviews online that will tell you more about the washing machine and how it works that the company will appear in the product description. When considering the brand, you should also think about repairs and how much they will help you. Hotpoint washing machine repairs and troubleshooting is a perfect example of a brand that helps its customers maintain and repair their washing machines. Make sure to consider the service that you’ll get with your choice.

  1. The Price

Cheerful Smiling Woman With Washing Detergent Doing Laundry At Home

Washing machines can be costly, so you must set yourself a budget for your new appliance. Although it can be tempting to opt for the cheapest model, you should remember that you will want your washing machine to last for many years and so you’ll need a reliable one. Don’t compromise quality to save some money as you will only have to spend more money in the future on a new one. Think carefully about the price, and you’ll end up making the best decision.

  1. Energy Ratings

A Man Pouring Laundry Detergent Or Washing Powder Into The Washing Machine

The final thing that you should consider when choosing your washing machine is the energy rating. It is essential that we are doing our bit to help the environment, and one of the best places to start is with your washing machine. Make sure to look at the energy rating and find one that will be energy efficient for a while. You’ll find that the ratings go between A and A+++, so make sure to choose one as close to A+++ as possible. This will reduce your electricity bills as well as improving your carbon footprint with little effort from you.

  1. Types Of Washing Machine

Depending on the amount of manual labor and the number of functions, washing machines can be categorized into two categories.

  1. Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Semi-automatic washing machines are the necessary level of washing machines in the market. They don’t come with many features other than fully automatic washing machines, but they are really budget-friendly.

There are two tubs in a semi-automatic washing machine; one is for washing, and the other is for drying. So, for washing the clothes, you have to put those clothes into the washer tub first. Then, you have to put those clothes again into the dryer tub for drying out the clothes.

Here you can see that the human effort in a semi-automatic washing machine is significant, not that efficient as fully automatic washing machines.

  1. Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Under fully automatic washing machines, there are two different form factors of washing machines. And those are top load washing machines and front load washing machines.

  1. Top Load Washing Machine

In a top load washing machine, you will put the clothes from the washing machine’s top side. Inside the top load washing machine, there is only one tub, and that single tub is used for cleaning and drying out the clothes.

You don’t have to move the clothes manually from one tub to another like you have to do in a semi-automatic washing machine which is an efficient thing.

A top load washing machine is efficient in a physical way, and it is also power-efficient.  You can quickly get a full load washing machine with a 5-star energy rating which will save you a lot of electricity every year.

  1. Front-Load Washing Machine

In a front load washing machine, the door through which you have to put the clothes is on the front side instead of the top side.

Also, a front load washing machine is more powerful as compared to a top load washing machine. It comes with a lot of smart features that will make your day-to-day life easy.

There is no doubt that the front-loading washing machines are a little bit expensive than the other ones, but they come with some advanced features that will help you.

But it is also true that going with a front load washing machine is a good investment for your home improvement purpose. It will be efficient, and it will last with you for a very long time.

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