The Usefulness Of Water Auditing For The Preservation Of Water


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Water auditing is turning a more familiar term to businesses because of the rising cost of utilities. The commercial water charges are reaching 75%. So, the business has decided that this time is ideal to call for the services of water metering plus management expert to review the current efficiency, water bills, and usage. A few water auditing companies propose free assessments, so if they don’t discover that you are getting overcharged, then no cost will be incurred. This is a win-win situation with the view of making yearly savings plus shielding your business against the upcoming rises in the rates of water.

If there arises any discrepancy in the usage of water compared to your water bills, then a team of surveyors will audit plus analyze your previous as well as existing statements for checking if the charges have been levied correctly. Additionally, the water audit services will carry on a site survey, which will help in confirming if you are achieving the most exceptional value from your present charges regarding flow rate as well as emphasizing any internal issues, like running taps or outer problems, like underground leakage. A comprehensive audit will highlight the areas of mischarging plus the phases where refunds are possible.

Causes Of High Water Bills

High Water Bills

The causes of high water bills are many, but if you come across a sudden lurch and you find nothing to explain it, then you must be having problems with leaking fixtures or pipes. Again, your company’s landscaper and maintenance supervisor will get hold of many issues, though some of them aren’t severe enough. Following are the courses of action that a business owner or an accountant can take if the water bill spikes suddenly:

  • Check if your water district has raised the prices
  • You can make a comparison of the present bill with your last statements.
  • Inform your inside plus outside maintenance supervisors as they might have discovered something already. They would also appreciate knowing something new so that they can check.
  • You can also wait for a month. If your water bill continues to be higher still, then make a comparison of that month’s bill with the bill from the previous year.
  • If the water bill is even higher, then you must check the water-using fixtures that were included during the year.
  • Lastly, you are required to call one face-to-face meeting with the landscaping and maintenance superiors to discuss the potentialities of a hidden leak.

The Effectiveness Of Water Audit

Effectiveness Of Water Audit

The water audit services help you save tons of water progressively. A water auditor does check all the water use both inside and outside. He will also look for ways to lessen the use of water while maintaining excellent service. If you go through the resulting report, you will be able to understand how various parts of your business make use of water and in how much quantity. It will tell you about the practices which can be altered by using water more efficiently. Additionally, it will also show you the kinds of incentives the local and local water suppliers offer, such as free fixtures, rebates, etc.

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