The Value Of Having Your Home Painted Before Selling



Creating The First Impression

It’s generally seen that potential homebuyers aren’t fussy about any cosmetic issues that the house may have. If the issue can be fixed at a reasonable cost, then they wouldn’t mind going ahead with the purchase deal. However, this is the case only with a handful of homebuyers. Some of them look at even the minutest of details before making a decision. In such a situation, it becomes obvious that repainting your house before putting it on the market is a much safer way.

Believe it or not, homebuyers are usually drawn towards freshly painted houses. They tend to follow up with real estate postings that showcase the house with a neat and tidy facade. Such ads are seen to get more clicks from house hunters. As such, creating a positive first impression is of utmost importance while putting your house for sale on the market.

Studies have shown that human beings judge something or someone within the first fifteen seconds of the meeting. The same rule applies even in the case of homebuyers. Your potential homebuyers will have a lasting impression in their mind if you present them with a newly painted home. In case the first impression goes wrong, it’s quite a task to replace that impression with a positive one.

If a potential homebuyer sees that the paint of your house walls, doors, and window panes are peeling or chipping off, they might get the impression that you have a bad taste. Also, the choice of color matters in this context because different people relate to colors in different ways. As such, paint is a critical factor in making your house “sellable.”

 Does Painting Add Value To Your House?

When it comes to the economics of selling a newly painted home, you can increase your asking price upfront. However, the value-adding aspect of repainting is dependent on the type of house, its location, and other structural factors. For some sellers, a fresh coat of paint doesn’t make much difference in the value of their home. But for others, repainting can boost the value by a significant proportion.

One thing that most home sellers do to increase the value of their home is exterior painting. A well-painted frontal exterior of a house is a major decision-making factor for homebuyers. A fresh coat of paint on the exterior of your house will make your potential buyers more inclined to pay a premium. A color that blends seamlessly with the neighborhood is a surefire way to boost the value of your home.

Surprisingly, a freshly painted front door can add to the value of your home. It’s one of the most reasonable projects that you can take up before putting your house for sale. You can at least increase your asking price for a few hundred dollars. It can certainly add that “wow” factor that homebuyers are looking for.

Tips To Paint Your House Before Selling It

You now have a fair idea of how a painting project before putting your house out on the market can prove valuable. However, you must navigate the process in the right way. Here are a few tips to go about it:

  • Hire A Professional: You can take it up as a DIY project, but it’s good to go for a professional painting company. If you have a time crunch, then these companies will prove extremely beneficial because they take on the responsibility to coordinate the entire process with other tradespeople and get the job done.

There are professional painting companies that provide pre-sale renovation services too. Any damage in your house that requires a quick fix can be done through these companies. These companies have the workforce to get the entire job done in a matter of a day. Not to forget, the quality of the job done will be far more superior to that done by a novice like you.

  • Do What You Can: Once you choose a professional company, there are certain things you can do to speed up the process. You can prepare your house by de-cluttering your space and giving your walls a thorough wipe. Doing so will help you save time as well as labor costs, and you would make it easier for the company to do an efficient job.

You can even take up minor renovation tasks, such as carpet replacement, kitchen and bathroom updates, and floor sanding, while your painters do their painting job. A professional company should be able to give you the best advice to make the process go smoothly.

  • Choose Your Colours Wisely: Your choice of colors will greatly influence the perception that your potential homebuyer gets when he or she first sees your house. It will, however, vary depending on the functionality of your space. Given the fact that color choices can be extremely subjective, what works for one may not work for the other.

Ideally, you should go for cozy and soft tones for your bedroom and living room. Bedrooms look stunning in gentle blues; just the way living spaces look great in tan and grey shades. Go for natural colors when you are painting the exterior of your house. Some options include grey, tan, light green, blue, beige, and white. If the exterior color matches that of your neighborhood, you can increase the value of your home by many folds.

So, you can make the value of your home soar before selling it just up, taking up a simple repainting project. Make sure you check the reputation and credentials of the company you intend to work with. Their quality of service will greatly impact the appearance of your house, and ultimately, its value. If you’d like some advice or a free quote to paint your home, contact MDC Specialists.

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