The Various Types Of Real Estate Crimes


Real Estate

Usually, a real estate crime is associated with theft and destroying another’s real estate. If someone gets charged and arrested for criminal damage to a real estate, then they can witness second-degree misdemeanor charges along with other severe charges. If the damage cost is less than $250, the accused doesn’t get tried in front of the jury. There is only a judge who decides whether the accused is guilty or not.

However, if the damage cost is over $250, the accused will have to witness a jury trial where the attorney needs to cross-examine any witness. The attorney also needs to challenge the evidence as well as fight aggressively to free the accused. Depending on the charge’s circumstances, the accused can witness extended hefty fines, jail time, or other conviction penalties. However, you always choose to opt-in for a bail bond to free the accused from jail until the hearing.

Before you apply for a bail bond, you need to know about the different types of real estate crimes. The crucial ones include:

  1. Shoplifting

When a person conceals and steals merchandise from a store, it is called shoplifting. It occurs when a person hides a merchandising piece in their pocket or bag and walks away from the store. A thief can shoplift at any retail store, comprising clothing, department, and grocery stores.

  1. Robbery

A person is said to commit robbery when they use the threat of violence or violence to take money or real estate for someone. The robberies take place at multiple places that comprise convenience stores and banks. A robber can point the gun at the bank teller or cashier and ask for money.

  1. Burglary

An act of burglary occurs when a person illegally enters a residence through force or coercion and steals valuable items and other belongings.

  1. Vandalism

Vandalism takes place when a person destroys and defaces a real estate without any permission. Some of the examples of destruction comprise slashing tires, graffiti, and breaking windows. Few other terms for vandalism contain malicious trespass, malicious mischief, and criminal damage.

  1. Arson

One of the most severe real estate crimes is arson. An individual commits arson when they burn any structure or land. The charges might be more severe if a person intended to injure a person or defraud investors.

  1. Aggravated Arson

This crime is similar to arson, but the structure or building gets set on fire with people residing inside it. It gets known as aggravated arson because it gets done to cause severe physical harm to others. Today, there are severe penalties for this crime that can lead to a very high bail bond.

A few real estate crimes need the presence of the victim, while on the other hand, some crimes only need real estate damage. Due to the wide range of these crimes, it becomes essential to understand each one clearly. The majority of crimes have degrees that depend on multiple factors, for instance, whether arms got used or the cost of the things that got stolen.

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