The Various Types of Roller Shutters That You May Use


When you are thinking of installing roller shutters for your house or commercial space, then there are lots of considerations you will have to make so that your final choice of the roller shutter is worthy of investment and suitable for the protection and purpose. However, the fact is that roller shutters are specialized for several uses. Commercial premises use the roller shutters for their convenience, and they have installed these shutters to protect their property only. On the other part, residential houses install these shutters in their garages, and they also install these shutters at their main entrance. These shutters, designed with rough metal, aluminum, steel, and metals, which can protect your property from any intruders and these shutters, can also minimize your electric consumption bill.

Automatic and Manual Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters

Primarily in terms of working, a roller shutter is differentiated into automatic and manual. The automatic shutter would open and close by a motorized automated system, which will be activated by the press of a button or through remote control. These are good for doors which are too big, and naturally need roller shutters too big and heavy, and therefore ambiguous to be handled by full manual pressure and power.

Manual roller shutters are, on the other hand, controlled by muscle power. They are pulled down to close and pulled up to open. That is how they are operated, and when the shutter is left midway in between the pulling down or pushing up process, it generally stays that way unless the screen is well lubricated.

Perforated, Grilled and Opaque Roller Shutters

Home Rolling Shutters

Perforated metal always indicates more strength and flexibility. Hence, this technology is used in the making of roller shutters too. Perforated shutters give in airflow, light flow, and more strength and protection to the property.

Grilled roller shutters, which are not made of perforated metal sheets, but rather grills, are a great blend of security as well as light display, thus minimizing the compromise on aesthetics even when the shop is closed.

On the other hand, opaque conventional shutters are always on the use, and they also find use in both commercial and residential purposes.

What are the Different Types of Roller Shutters Available in the Market?

Aluminum Rolling Shutters

  1. Aluminum Rolling Shutters

If you are looking at a very high-quality, durable solution, which will be corrosion-resistant, then aluminum is functional as well as lightweight. Thus aluminum roller shutters are an excellent choice for any use in both home and office. Again aluminum shutters are available in the single and double-walled form. The double-walled shutters are meant to provide insulation. Also, the noise level with these shutters is low.

  1. Transparent Rolling Shutters

You would love to know that rolling shutters are available transparent too. They offer visibility from both sides. They are automatic and are durable too. You can install these shutters on your commercial premises, and you can also use these as a partition between your lobby and the garden. So you can easily enjoy the garden view through these shutters, and you can also save your power consumption bill by preventing the sun heat.

  1. Double Walled Shutters

If you are interested in the noise-free functioning of the shutter, then a double-walled shutter would be right for you. These are used for extra security in commercial spaces. Mostly they have a rust-free finish with epoxy-based powder coating.

Now that you know so much about the various types of roller shutters, selecting a kind, as deemed apt for your property, would be much easy for you. To install the best yet, you must talk to your rolling shutter installer first.

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