The Words And Letters Too Can Make Great Décor


Words and Letters Contemporary Kitchen Decor

The incredible idea of décor, which will add a creative side to the home, is an innovative concept in the modular furniture and décor in which words and letters or the alphanumeric elements reproducing letters in lower or upper case and numbers 0 to 9 can be graphic, modular furniture, decal, graphic, or three-dimensional type becoming a protagonist of new language in the design which will give décor of your room versatility and eclectic that shall allow shaping the room in evolving and surprising way.

Literary Accents Contemporary Family Room

Bringing the literary accents to your home because this trend is now everywhere in home décor. Once this was reserved for children’s rooms and the play areas, but now with grown appeal in interiors can be seen. Varying in sizes, applications, and materials, literary accents can be represented in numerous ways. Here are some suggestions:

Playful Textiles:

Playful Textiles in Modern Living Room

Monogram bath towels, throw pillows in alphabet shapes, and numeric area rugs are a great way to show off the whimsical side of the space. You can use neon and pastel color, which evoke youthful and playful nature in the room. For the adult room, use tweed or plaid materials or leather or suede to convey sophistication and maturity.

Wall Art:

Contemporary Prints and Posters

This is the traditional way to display the words and letters as décor. This is common in children’s rooms now; how about putting these literary accents in the kitchen and dining room as well.

Creative displays can be made through words and letters and then displayed in unique ways, such as

Letters falling down the wall

Jumbled letters

Piled up letters at the side of the corner

Select random letters which look good together

Family member name

One wall has all letters and words

This all gives visual interest to a room instantly.

Unique Metals:

Unique Metals Contemporary Kitchen

This can be in homes, libraries, offices, and studies, and this is a great trend to use the words and letters to evoke traditional and scholarly approaches to interiors. Use gunmetal, or stainless steel, iron letters, and even wood can be used. Create random bookshelf art through these. Put them on the fireplace mantle.

There are no design rules here; use as many as you want or less.

Storage Uses:

Contemporary Home Office Storage Uses

Letters and words can be used for storage; if you feel crafty, you can use them as bookshelves or affixed to walls for practical storage purposes.

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