The World’s Most Famous Flea Markets


If you are fortunate enough to travel and see the world, then you should check out some of the famous flea markets around the globe. It provides a shopping experience you can never get from an upscale mall or plaza. You may even find rare collectibles to bring home and display in the living room. We’ll take a look at some renowned flea markets that you definitely must add to your to-see list.

  1. Puces de St-Ouen – Paris, France


The Puces de St-Ouen is a must-see for antique collectors. Be warned, though; you will be stunned at how large this flea market is. It has over 2,500 stalls spread over 17 kilometers of alleyways. You will be one among the 70,000 visitors that come to look for a bargain each week.

This flea market, as well as others in Paris, became a mainstay in the 18th-century when merchants would sell second-hand items, which usually consisted of furniture discarded by the aristocrat elites.

If a flea market of this caliber is too overwhelming for your liking, you can always check out its sister market, the much smaller and more navigable Puces de Vanves. This one has about 200 stalls and is exceptionally alive with visitors in the morning hours.

  1. FlohmarktimMauerpark – Berlin, Germany

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This flea market located in East Berlin is open every Sunday and is an excellent place for picking up unusual holiday souvenirs. The market is a favorite among local Berliners looking for a bargain. Most of the vendors consist of students and artists selling handmade crafts. It makes it a great spot if you prefer very personal and sentimental items over mass-produced merchandise from big-name brands. There are food vendors there as well; you’ll find native foods like Bratwurst, sauerkraut, and other local cuisines.

  1. Ferikoy Flea Market – Istanbul, Turkey


Istanbul’s famous Ferikoy flea market is open for business every Sunday. The rest of the week, space serves as a parking lot. It is the place for antiques ranging from Turkish baths to Ottoman-era knick-knacks. Some of the items visitors reported seeing include vintage 1920s cameras and ham radios, cassette tapes, old dial phones, turn-of-the-century weaponry, and more.

The market is located amidst old stone houses, churches, and original breweries. By visiting the market, you’ll also get a glimpse of the city as it was at the dawn of the 1900s.

  1. Rose Bowl Flea Market – Pasadena, California

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You’ll have to time your visit if you want to check out the Rose Bowl Flea Market; it only opens on the second Sunday of every month. There is also an admission fee; the price varies depending on whether you buy tickets upfront or ahead of time. It’s worth the admission, though, as this is a famous hotspot for tourists and even celebrities. A-list notables that visited the Rose Bowl Flea Market include Taylor Swift, Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz, and Drew Barrymore.

You’ll find all sorts of goodies here, including repurposed crafts, handmade candles, old comic books, trading cards, indie design clothing, and more.

  1. San Telmo Fair –Buenos Aires, Argentina

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The San Telmo Fair is nestled within a cobblestone street amidst turn-of-the-century style architecture. Aside from the stalls, you’ll also find delicious local cuisines and entertainment in the form of tango music and dance. Some old-style trinkets and knick-knacks you will discover include vintage telephones, gramophones, model cars, original matchboxes, full dinette sets, and even ventriloquist dolls. This Bazaar has been in operation every Sunday since 1971. Currently, 270 stalls are expanding across 13 blocks and drawing over 12,000 visitors every week.

Along the streets of the fair includes locally-owned cafes and bars, which makes for great rest stops before continuing with more browsing.

  1. The Souks – Marrakech, Morocco

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The Souks make up Marrakech’s most grand bazaar. Aside from the vendors, you’ll come across plenty of Moroccan entertainment in the form of magicians, snake charmers, folk singers, and dancing gypsies. Tourists may find their first visit overwhelming due to the chaotic sight.

The flea market is also known for its tanneries, where you’ll find hundreds of leather cowhides basking in the sun. Aside from old antiques and trinkets, locals also stop by daily to buy from vendors selling natural vegetables, fruits, and herbal spices.

Flea markets around the world will make you appreciate the various vintage items you’ll never find at a typical chain store. You’ll get a taste of the culture and hopefully walk away with an old thing at a bargain price. Finally, should you happen to be in the UK, be sure to check out one of its many antique fairs.

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