Theme Decoration Ideas For Janmashtami


We Indians are very well aware of Janmashtami. It is also known as Gokulashtami is an annual Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of Krishna, the eighth avatar of Vishnu.

Hindus celebrate Janmashtami by fasting, singing, praying together, preparing and sharing special food, night vigils, and visiting Krishna temples.

Krishna temples are decorated and lighted up, they attract numerous visitors on the day, while Krishna devotees hold bhakti events and keep night vigil.

Let’s uniquely celebrate this Janmashtami with theme decoration. Here we go.

Decorate The Temple

Decorate The Temple

Krishna devotees make beautiful Jhulas or hammock for the baby Bal Gopal. They also place the idols of Krishna and Radha and decorate the background with flowers and peacock feathers. We can also create a village scene in the temple.

Make A Peacock Crown

Krishna Peacock Feather Crown

Lord Krishna used to wear many ornaments, but his constant accessory was peacock feather in his hair.

Why did Lord Krishna wear peacock feathers? Any guess? Krishna uses to play the flute, and peacocks were mesmerized that with large tears of ecstasy, the king of peacocks dropped many divine feathers at Krishna’s feet. Krishna accepted them and placed some of them on his turban. Thus on Janmashtami, we can create a beautiful peacock crown for the lord.

Decorate A Flute

DIY Krishna Flute

We can decorate the flute with stones, diamonds, and peacock feathers.

Aarti Thal Decoration

Aarti Thal Decoration

As it is the birthday of the lord, we all do aarti in the morning and evening. So for aarti, we would like to decorate aarti thal uniquely. We can use glitter foam sheets in green, light blue, and dark blue colors. Cut them in peacock feather shape and make three pairs of feathers. Stick them gather and put it in the aarti thal it will look impressive and unique.

Decorate A Dahi Handi

Decorate A Dahi Handi

Lord Krishna, in his infant form, loved eating butter and would gather his friends to steal the butter from the pot, which was made by his mother. They would make small pyramids to reach the earthen pot hung at greater heights and then enjoy eating the tasty butter. That’s why we also decorate a mud pot by painting it and stick peacock feathers. Add sweet young hurt in it. And the crowd likes to break handi (earthen pot) and celebrate the birth of Krishna by breaking handi.


Peacock Rangoli

We are using a peacock theme for the decoration, so décor your entrance with rangoli. Use green blue (light and dark color) to make a peacock of colors. You can also draw a picture of Lord Krishna, but make sure to choose the space where nobody’s footstep on the lord. It is disrespectful to the lord.

Final Words

I hope this Janmashtami Lord Krishna comes to our home and blesses us. “Happy Janmashtami”.

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