Things That Can Transform Your Home Into A Super Smart Home


Gone are the days when being Smart was only referred to as humans. Today thanks to evolutionary gadgets and computing technology, our homes too have become smart.

Smart home technologies convert our living spaces drastically, thus making them more comfortable, entertaining, convenient, and, most importantly, secure. The best part is that these smart plug-ins are affordable and easily available.

Smart Homes, coupled with IoT, are invariably making lives more comfortable. Imagine switching on your TV, using your smartphone, the curtains of your window moving just with a press of a button, the coffee maker starting on its own as per the set timing, and preparing your coffee, even before you are out of bed. A few years back, these things were only a part of our imagination, but today thanks to IoT, life has become comfortable and convenient.

Let’s look at some major features of the Smart Home concept catching up on Indian consumers.

Makes Your Home Secure:

Super Smart Home

What makes smart home gadgets a desirable option for all homemakers is their security features like a surveillance camera, motion detectors, video monitoring, fire detectors, smart door locking system, appliance remote monitoring, and a lot more. You can control all the devices in your home from anywhere in the world through your smartphone, just with the tap of a button.

Unlimited Entertainment with Fire TV Stick:

Jailbreak Firestick

While security features rank the chart regarding customer preference, the new attraction in the smart home category is ‘The Amazon Fire Stick,’ a media streaming device with a cool voice remote. The best part about the power-packed Fire TV Stick, if you know how to stop buffering on Firestick, is that you can plug it into any HDTV and instantly get access to a whole world of movies, TV serials, online web series, and the best of World documentaries, that too in multiple Indian Language.

The Fire TV Stick supports fast Wi-Fi, and you can easily navigate all the app content using the voice remote. Isn’t that cool?

What makes this device futuristic is the parental control feature. Yes, users can now restrict access to mature and adult content for their children by setting a security PIN. So now, you can allow your children to explore a wide range of kids’ shows on Amazon, even while you are away, just by using the parental control feature.

Further, you can also monitor your data consumption through the Fire TV Stick, and just like ‘YouTube,’ you can select the viewing quality and manage your data effectively.

To use the Amazon Fire Stick, you must have a registered Amazon Prime account. However, Fire Stick only allows you to view limited content. Still, today, there are many ways to jailbreak firestick and view all the content without any limitations, thanks to the internet.

Smart Speakers

Smart Speakers

This product is the newest buzz in town. It is highly dominating the smart home market and is considered one of America’s highest ordered products.

A smart speaker works as a voice-controlled assistant, and just like a genie, it responds to every voice command. Most amazingly, it not only plays music but also has the capability of controlling your home. The two products that are making big news in this category are Amazon’s Echo and Google Home. They are handy and a lot of fun to use.

Smart Wireless Doorbell

Best Wireless Doorbell

Adding a smart wireless doorbell to your home can also enhance your safety and security consciousness. Gone are the days when you have to ask who’s standing by the door. With the “best wireless doorbell,” you can easily see who’s knocking and decide whether to open the door or not – right from inside your room.


Undoubtedly slowly but smartly, most Indian Homes are getting aware of the Smart Home concept. The electronic security features and the entertainment attributes are what make the idea all the more desirable. However, there are still many Indian homes that are hesitant about adopting this change, due to various reasons, like cost and maintenance. However, things are looking bright, and we are hopeful that soon, the smart home concept will be a default choice for all homemakers.

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