Things To Consider Before Choosing A Fitted Wardrobe


If you are thinking of having more space in your room, you would most likely be thinking of having a fitted wardrobe. A fitted wardrobe is done to fit your bedroom, even if it means the wardrobe staying in awkward places.

There are things to consider before choosing a fitted wardrobe such as:

  1. It Cannot Be Moved

Tips For Buying A Fitted Wardrobe

If you would be going for a fitted wardrobe, it means that if you want to relocate you can’t take your wardrobe with you. But if you are staying permanently in your house you can consider using a fitted wardrobe because they come with plenty of benefits. A fitted wardrobe cannot be moved or relocated, so it’s something to consider before using one.

  1. Consider The Need Of Your Family

Things To Consider Before Buying Fitted Wardrobe

If you have a growing family, then you should consider getting a fitted wardrobe because they are spacious and can accommodate a lot of things. They are durable and also very easy to clean. It is going to be a long term investment for you and your family.

  1. Consider Your Budget

Things To Consider Before Buying A Wardrobe

When choosing a fitted wardrobe, you should also consider your budget. There are a lot of fitted wardrobes varying in prices, so you work with whatever budget you have. You could get a full walk-in fitted wardrobe or you design yourself or even have a professional design it for you, it is all depending on your budget.

  1. Consider The Size Of Your Room

Modern Fitted Wardrobes

The shape and size of your bedroom are important when choosing the design of a fitted wardrobe.

If you have a small bedroom, you could get a fitted wardrobe with mirror doors, so you don’t have to get a mirror separately, to work with the space you have.

  1. The Interior

Modern Fitted Wardrobe

When choosing a fitted wardrobe, you should consider the interior of the wardrobe carefully. It shouldn’t only look great on the outside but also the inside. The primary thing is for the wardrobe to be able to fit all it is meant to fit. You should be clear on how you want the inner part of the wardrobe to look like and it must be fully maximized for storing different kinds of stuff.

  1. Fitting Of The Wardrobe

How To Buy The Best Fitted Wardrobe

Fitting of the wardrobe is something else you should consider when choosing a fitted wardrobe. Some companies that sell fitted wardrobes also offer installation services. It is possible to fit the wardrobe by yourself but if you cannot, you could ask for their installation service to fit the wardrobe.


Fitted Wardrobes are best used to tidy things up in your bedroom or when you need more space in your room. These fitted wardrobes are also best used in your own house, where you have decided to reside in permanently because it’s not moveable. The wardrobes are long term investments and add value throughout the year you use them. For more professional advice, you should check us out at FCI London.

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