Things to Consider When Choosing Kitchen Countertops


Whether you are looking to build a kitchen from scratch or want to renovate it to suit your needs, choosing the right countertop is essential to the look that you have envisioned.

Even if you hire a professional decorator who charges large sums of money, he will also emphasize on the importance of countertops and put much research and thought before choosing the right style. This is because your countertops occupy the most visible space in your kitchen. Even if your walls are blue and the countertops are green, your kitchen will still look green overall as they are the main attraction of your kitchen.

Let us discuss the different factors you need to consider before choosing a countertop:

1. Usage

Granite Countertop

If you want to ensure that every expenditure carried out towards the renovation of your kitchen gives you good results, then you need to understand your usage and your requirements first. You might want to go with the granite countertop Ottawa or marble countertops that give off a sophisticated look.

Buy fancy countertops if your usage and requirements allow you to opt for the classic white, shiny countertops, and if you have the resources to match other detailing in the kitchen accordingly. Otherwise, aim for the most reliable, rugged, and clean countertop possible.

2. Cost

Cabin Kitchen Island

You need to keep in mind your budget for kitchen renovation. You do not want to use all of your budgets only on countertops since some attractive options can be very costly.

Usually, the cost of countertops depends on the thickness of the slab as well as the length. It also depends on the quality of the material used. If you want a granite countertop, it may cost you more than the average chef’s block, so double-check the cost and your budget when you make a choice, you don’t break the bank entirely on just your countertops.

A granite countertop can cost you around $50-$250 per square feet as compared to the cheaper options of Quartz, tile counters, and chefs blocks, which range from $40-$100.

3. Theme

Granite Countertops

As mentioned earlier, even if your walls are blue and your countertops green, the green will overshadow the blue, making it impossible to look good and according to your taste. Thankfully, there are many different tones, textures, and colors in countertops that you can use to complement the overall theme of the kitchen. And you can try different shades with different combinations to ensure that the countertops look in place and not awkward.

If all these factors are considered before choosing the right countertop, you will see that you made the best decision possible and will be fully satisfied with the impression your kitchen made on you. In addition to this, make sure to buy countertops from a known name so that they stay good for a good few years.

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  1. Great and informative post. I always choose granite countertops because they are affordable and look great although marble is best.


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