Things You Must Follow Before The Exterior Painting Of Your House


Painting exteriors of a house is as important as painting the interiors. This will protect the home from unfavorable weather conditions, prevent the decaying and degradation of walls along with the furniture. Simultaneously, this will make your house look stunning and new, but specific facts should be kept in mind, and certain rules should be followed before starting this exterior painting process of your home. To prevent this paint from long-lasting and to glow for a long time, these factors need to keep in mind. They are as following:

  • Wait For The Right Weather Before Starting The Painting

Exterior Painting Process

It is a known fact that painting should be done in a dry season when there are fewer chances of rainfall and moisture content in the air is relatively low. Paint won’t dry even if little rainfall occurs and if the painting is done on a wet or damp surface. So, you should wait for the dry season to begin for exterior painting. So do not hurry; patience is the key!

  • Value Quality Over The Expenditure

If you use a better quality of paint, it is less likely that you have to re-paint the exterior in the upcoming years. A better variety of colors may cost a little more than those normal ones as they don’t get damaged that easily be it by sunlight or heavy rain. They do not lose their luster that easily and gives better coverage when compared to cheap paints. Whereas an inferior quality of paint can charge you less for the time being but will eventually make you spend more money with successive re-painting. Thus, you will ultimately incur a massive loss in the long run.

  • Make The Surfaces Ready Before Applying The Paint

Paints stick to rough, dirty, or damp surfaces so, before beginning, this exterior painting process for your house, do get those surfaces adequately cleaned. They should also be scrubbed well with a sand-paper to get rid of previous paint, dirt, and any other particles. A solid clear surface should be created so that the paint doesn’t stick on to the surface so, before applying makeup, primer needs to be used to make a foundation for a smooth surface so that paint does not run or look out of place.

  • Remove Rotten Wooden Furniture Or Parts Of Wooden Walls

If your house has wooden walls or comprises of wooden furniture, do discard these as the paint won’t stick on such surfaces. Sometimes wooden doors and windows of the house are also degraded so they should be replaced; otherwise, painting them will be futile and useless.

  • Apply A Coat Of Primer Before Applying The Paint

Apply A Coat Of Primer Before Applying The Paint

Primer is a base on which this paint will adhere to and will remain for years to come. Without this application of primer, color won’t be evenly distributed throughout the wall, and it will not stick to the surface properly. Thus, the use of the introduction is a crucial part of the exterior painting process. Once the primer is added, it is first allowed to dry for a day or two, after which it is to be scrubbed with sand-paper only to remove those rough or uneven coatings, and then finally, the paint is applied. Following this technique will allow the color to stay for a more extended period and will not fade away quickly.

Thus, the facts mentioned above should be kept in mind before starting the exterior painting for your house. You should know that a one-time investment is best! Mode of payment can be a lump sum or installment, and whatever it is, quality comes first. If it’s ensuring quality and not compromising on your budget, then go for it. It is way better to invest one time rather than spending on it every year.

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