Things You Need to Think Twice before You Invest in Real Estate

On April 8, 2016 by Himanshu Shah

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Are you thinking of some extra income? At least I’m thinking and that’s why I have given my new 2BHK flat for rent. The monthly rental I’m getting from this has made it easier to save money from my actual salary. Young people travel from a place to other for study or job. They’re always in search of PG. An apartment for rent in Bangalore or Delhi can solve their problem and you get some extra money. Now, planning for investing in real estate and actually buying the property has lots of middle works to do.


Make it very clear. Why do you want to invest in real estate? Is it for personal use or for creating wealth? If the second one is your answer then you should be ready to face the fact that you won’t get the exact cash back that you’ve invested in procuring a house. The Tax Department is there, after all. So, you need to reinvest it elsewhere and the way will go on. You may think then what the benefit of investing in real estate gurgaon. It is beneficial as the value of real estate is always incremental and you’ve lesser risks than investing in other businesses.

Thorough Research Work-

Whenever you give your house for rent, people will consider whether they are getting certain benefits or not. For example, if they take rent in Bangalore, they’ll always want it to be well connected with the basic amenities of life. So, before investing in real estate check out these things

  • Quality of neighbourhoods
  • Awareness about the property tax at that specific area
  • Whether the place is adjacent to academic institutions
  • A thorough research on the criminal incidents of that place
  • Is it a location with enough job opportunities?
  • Chances of future development
  • Is the place is attractive to renters?
  • Is it a natural-disaster prone area?

Know the Developer-

Obviously this is one of the most important considerations to know who the developer is and what his project is about. You should make a thorough research about the track records of the developer whom you are going to deal with. The must-known information about the developer are-

  • Track record
  • Amount the developer or the company has invested in the project
  • Financial stability of the developer

Keep Clean Credit History-

Before starting your house hunting, you should acquire clean credit history. All your papers should be arranged and keep copies of your credit report. Ensure that you’ve mentioned the facts and figures correctly. If there are any mistakes, change it immediately.

Are You Ready for EMI?-

Investing in real estate will definitely make you take loans. The large chunk of your income will be gone to pay the EMI. Are you really ready at this moment to take that risk? Ask yourself before investing.

Are You Ready for Down Payment-

While you’re going to buy a house, you’ll get 80% from the loan. Remaining 20% has to be paid by you. Are you ready with this money? Think twice.

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