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What Are Adirondack Chairs?

An Adirondack chair is one of the most popular types of patio chairs. It is also known as Muskoka chair in Canada. More prevalent in American country homes, and it’s loved for its unique design and comfort. The Adirondack chair is much more than just a place to perch. When you hear about Adirondack chairs, you probably think about your summer days spent in the countryside with a lake view.

The beauty of this chair is in its simplicity. The slant slats of wood are placed on preparing a backrest and seat. It has short legs, just a few inches off the ground.

The Origin

Adirondack Patio Chairs

The Adirondack chair gets its name from the Adirondack mountain range in upstate New York. The French Canadians have an entirely different name for it, the Laurentian chair (chaise des Laurentides), named after a Quebec region.

Someone suggested that the name was chosen because the guests of a nursing home for tuberculosis patients in the Adirondack Mountains liked to sit and take in the therapeutic fresh mountain air.

The History

Adirondack Patio Chairs

There was an amateur woodworker named Thomas Lee. He was vacationing with his family in the peaks of the Adirondack Mountains in 1903. During his trip, he encountered a problem related to sitting. Seeing his family members facing this problem, he sought a came up with a solution.

With time, Lee discovered that it was difficult for them to sit on traditional chairs over the uneven, sloppy ground. Chairs were either tilted backward or forward, leading to poor balance and discomfort. So that is when Lee decided to design his chair, focusing on making it well balanced on the uneven terrain. After hours of hard work, Lee introduced the chair with an angled seat and angled back. The seat and the backrest were designed to allow the chair to function on the Adirondack Mountains’ uneven surface to create a more balanced and stable seating arrangement. That is when the legendary chair was named after the Adirondack Mountains as an Adirondack chair.

Later, Lee went to a carpenter in upstate New York named Harry Bunnell, with his prototype. He asked him to recreate the chair for him. But Bunnell seemed to have different plans in mind altogether; he filed a patent for the chair and named it Westport Chair. Even though Bunnell won the copyright for the chair’s design, most people recognize this high chair as an Adirondack chair even today.

The Benefits Of Choosing the Adirondack Chair

Benefits Of Choosing Adirondack Chair

Many people prefer the Adirondack chair because of the comfort it provides. A plus point about this chair is that it has extra-wide armrests, making it super comfortable as there will be more room for your arms. It can also serve the purpose of a small table to keep your food or drinks while you sit in your backyard, enjoying your evening.

The thing about Adirondack chairs is that unlike other chairs, it doesn’t leave you achy and weary when you sit on it for hours. You will always get up feeling relaxed and refreshed.

You are wondering how this chair is so comfortable? It all comes down to the design and weight distribution. The chair is built so that your weight is distributed evenly throughout the area of your upper legs and back. It gives you the comfort of a lounge chair. So if you are looking for outdoor seating, then an Adirondack Chair is the ideal choice for that.

Whether it is a sloppy area, the Adirondack chair is one of the most comfortable chairs for the outdoor seating options.

The Versatility Of The Adirondack Chair

The Versatility Of The Adirondack chair

Adirondack chairs come in different styles — Adirondack lounge chairs, Adirondack outdoor dining sets, Adirondack benches, etc.

Some of the excellent Adirondack chair materials include plastic, plywood, resin, hardwood, teak, composite, recycled plastic, and many more. And it is also available in different types like folding Adirondack chairs, rocking Adirondack chairs, loveseat, swing, and so on.

They also come in different types of materials, which make it weather resistant and budget-friendly. It comes in a full rainbow of colors like tangerine, lime, and lemon.

Today’s Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack Patio Chairs

Today’s Adirondack chairs are made of thinner planks at the back, making it even more comfortable to sit on. The original chair had a single thick plank.

These days Adirondack chairs come in more options than just basswood and hemlock. You can even find recycled Adirondack chairs made of plastic. Traditionally these chairs came only in natural colors, but now they are available in all kinds of shades and colors. So you can easily blend it with your existing outdoor furniture.


The Adirondack Chair is one of the most versatile, comfortable, and sophisticated options for patio seating. They are so visually attractive that they leave an aesthetic appeal when placed in the backyard of your house. The best part is that it comes in whichever type you want, be it an oversized Adirondack chair, folded one, or in a swing, you can get it all. So if you are thinking of having a perfect and unique piece of furniture in your backyard, you can’t go wrong with Adirondack style furniture at all.

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