Things You Should Know About Barrisol Sheet


Barrisol Sheet
Barrisol sheet is a recyclable, lead-free co-polymer material. You can use it for ceiling décor. These sheets are cent percent recycled into new sheets or other products of Barrisol Normally.

While manufacturing these sheets, no water is used, keeping the vital natural resources intact. They do not emit any harmful CFCs or HCHC’s in the manufacturing process of these Barrisol sheets.

The difference between other ceiling types of different materials and a Barrisol ceiling are as follows:

  1. Barrisol ceilings are lightweight as compared to other forms of ceiling installations.
  2. Barrisol ceilings or sheets being lightweight, it takes far less effort or energy to transport them to the location.
  3. These sheets are owing lightweight feature which requires less energy during manufacturing and conditioning process.
  4. These sheets open up possibilities for unlimited unique, and creative designs.
  5. Barrisol stretched ceilings provide excellent technical solutions to any problem.

Design Perspectives Of Barrisol Sheets

  1. This sheet tends to ignite the creativity of a designer or an architect.
  2. It can implement in designing a variety of structures with integrated and creative designs.
  3. These sheets adapt to any surface, place, form, or situation in a 3D space.
  4. It can be created to fit any new design.

Modularity Aspects Of The Sheets

  1. It allows the ease of any movement, installation, and unhooking of the ceiling.
  2. These sheets come in varied textures and colors that can adapt to all the styles.
  3. The installation of light fixtures, technical ducts can be fixed and designed as per the requirement with ease.
  4. The tracks can be just fixed to the walls at any heights as per the requirement of the design.
  5. It provides dry, clean, and simple installation.

Ease Of Lighting With Barrisol Sheets

  1. The ceilings and mural made with Barrisol translucent sheets multiply the lights by reflecting them.
  2. The designs with Barrisol can incorporate any light, like the suspended and integrated lights, spots, optical fibres, etc.

Waterproofing Capacity Of The Sheets

  1. These sheets are sufficient moisture and condensation barrier.
  2. They are useful in humid and rainy regions, where water density in the air is high.
  3. They are easy to clean with water.
  4. They are excellent damp proofing insulation for ceilings and walls.

Environment-Friendly And Recyclable

  1. These sheets are non-toxic, both during manufacturing and recycling.
  2. They have longer and lifetime durability.
  3. The Barrisol sheets are 100% recyclable.
  4. Most types of Barrisol sheets are economically viable.
  5. The ratio of price and long life of the sheets are excellent.
  6. They protect the roofs and walls, the steel and concrete structures from waterlogging and adverse effects of weather.
  7. They act as an excellent solution for insulation and reduction of heat losses from indoors.

Durability Of The Barrisol Sheets

  1. The sheets help in resisting cold and heat effectively.
  2. The sheets can continuously maintain the tension of the surface due to weather elements.
  3. The sheets resist erosion or corrosion from the seawater, chlorine, or majority of the gas vapours such as formal, ether, etc.
  4. They are protective of X-rays.
  5. They can resist huge loads caused by waterlogging and damages.

Ease Of Maintenance

  1. The sheets can be unhooked off the ceiling within minutes.
  2. They can facilitate access to the technical units, waterlogged areas for repair on the wall and ceiling.
  3. They can easily be cleaned up with water and cloth or adequate Barrisol cleaning products.
  4. Access to the technical ducts or for installation of new lights and décor is comfortable.

Barrisol Sheets
Thus, Barrisol sheets have numerous advantages and can enhance the look and beauty of your space, if they are rightly used for ceiling decorations.

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