Things You Should Know About Probate Solicitor


Making up a will is a great idea. But, it’s usually a viable option to take the help of a qualified and licensed lawyer. Only then would you be sure that a legal quagmire won’t surround your loved ones right after the loss of a loved one.

If, on the other hand, you’ve already lost a loved one and happen to be the executor of a will, then you can use the help of a probate solicitor.

You may wonder what a probate solicitor is and how he/she can assist you, then read on.

What Is A Probate Solicitor?

Sacramento Probate Attorney

When somebody passes away and leaves behind their estate, there is the need to figure out who gets what. You have a ‘grant of representation’ – proving that you have the authority to administer the estate.

If there is a will, then the executor only applies for a probate grant. But, if there is no will, you will have to apply for a grant of administration letters.

In other words, probate is the process of applying for the grant and the document you use to manage the estate. In most cases, probate isn’t necessary, especially if the will is passing everything down to the spouse or civil partner.

But, there are many scenarios where probate is essential. In cases where there are multiple complexities involved in carrying out the will, a probate solicitor becomes vital.

Circumstances Where A Probate Solicitor Is Important 

  • Unwillingness To Deal With Facts

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You’ll often find that people cannot deal with losing their loved ones and handling the estate’s affairs. You see, before you can go for the execution of the will, you have to register the death, prepare the financial documents, and fill out the various forms to get a grant of probate. Thus, many individuals go for the easy choice and hire probate assistance solicitors.

  • A Disputed Will 

    Property Will

Usually, differences are worked out through negotiation, but there are many situations where individuals dispute over a will’s particulars. How much, what, or even who is named beneficiaries of a will may be contested. The validity of the will may be questioned. If you are involved in a dispute before the probate court and need legal counsel, Call on 916-313-3030 to schedule a free case evaluation with one of the best Sacramento probate attorney.

  • Complex Arrangements

Legal Documentation

Often assets are in the form of trusts, or the will may require the executor to create trust. That would mean added responsibilities and more legal documentation that the executor may not be able to settle.

  • Foreign Property

Property Will To Move On

It is one thing to be a family friend and execute a clean-cut will with limited fixed and liquid assets. But, if you happen to be an executor of a will with foreign properties that are to be settled, then you may find yourself in need of a probate solicitor who may charge a nominal fee for services rendered but can also provide the best help. 

In Conclusion

Individuals looking to save a buck or two may go for the DIY route and attempt to execute a will themselves. But, if you find second-guessing yourself, then perhaps it’s time to look at other options you do have to help you sort things out.

You can talk to friends or family to show you the way, get in touch with a family lawyer, or even get on the net to understand the pros and cons of getting a probate solicitor on board. In the meanwhile, we hope you’ll find the article useful and an interesting read.

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  1. Probate is simply a means of determining the distribution of a deceased person’s estate. This is accomplished with the assistance of the probate court. If the deceased person had a valid will or trust, those documents will communicate the intentions of the decedent, including how to administer the estate. Learn more


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