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A lease cleaning service includes everything. You are starting from small household work to cleaning each corner of the house properly. Homes are the place where our heart lies. But lease cleaning is essential for a tenant. It’s a bond between the tenant and the landlord which sometimes becomes very hectic. Moving and shifting out of a house is never an easy job. And it is more difficult when you have a contract with the landlord about the cleaning of the house. However, there are lots of services related to end of lease cleaning available in the market. You can opt for any of the services and get your things done.

What Does Exactly Lease Cleaning include?

Lease cleaning includes lots of services with lots of responsibilities. It is a bond that is filled with all these things. It means before leaving a house you have to do the cleaning of each corner of the room. It includes appropriately cleaning all the equipment, futures, bathrooms, lawns, kitchen, bedroom, balcony, floor, etc. It usually means you have to clean all the signs that are present in the house. But you can have all these services available in the market.

Most Common Services Include:

  • Mope cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Windows cleaning
  • Vacuum cleaning of the surfaces
  • Dusting and cleaning of dirt
  • Wiping different cupboards

Few Extra Services That You Can Opt For:

  • Deep cleaning of cupboards
  • Cleaning of the spots
  • Carpet and other equipment cleanings
  • Balcony and lawn cleaning
  • Outside part of windows cleaning
  • Professional cleaning services
  • Cleaning of curtains and other household things

How Much Does An End-Of-Lease Cleaning Cost?

Cost varies with lots of factors. And that includes overall service of lease cleaning. The typical cost usually ranges from 300$ to 400$. But again, this cost varies with the service, the service provider you are opting for, and where you reside. So there are undoubtedly other factors through which the prices get negotiated.

The Factors Are As Follows:

  • Several people are assigned to your lease cleaning job.
  • Size of your flat or house.
  • The place where your home is located.
  • The depth of cleanliness that is required.
  • Varieties of services that your house needs
  • Condition of the property
  • The service provider from which you are opting for the services.
  • Varies with region

Till How Long The Cleaning Takes Place?

A regular lease cleaning takes around 4 to 9 hours. The duration also depends on factors like the size of your house, the number of people performing the task, and Te condition of your house. These three are the main factors that influence the duration your lease cleaning service goes for. For example, a small flat can be cleaned in 2 to 3 hours whereas a 2 or 3 Bhk flat will need more time to complete, around four to five hours.

Why Do You Need To Do Your End-Of-Lease Cleaning With The Best Service Providers?

Proper lease cleaning of your house depends on the service provider you are opting for, which is crucial for your bond. Also, a professional cleaning service provider will always provide you with the best service along with reasonable costs.

Few Benefits Of Choosing The Best Service Providers:

  • Professional service
  • Hassle-free work
  • If any mistakes are found, they will again clean the house, and that too for free.
  • They clean the property according to the said service
  • They can even clean the pet house(if you have one)
  • They can comply with the requirements of your landlord.

Wrapping Up:

Here we have discussed the need for lease cleaning. And the various factors that you need to adhere to before opting for any services. Shifting is never an easy option. It has lots of responsibilities and liabilities on you. So a brief basic knowledge is required. Now that you have got the things on a point, you can choose wisely and freely opt for any end-of-lease cleaning services.

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  1. Can landlord insist on professional carpet cleaning?

    Can a landlord charge for carpet cleaning? The answer to this question can be yes or no. A landlord can force you to pay for carpet cleaning if the carpet has been damaged beyond ordinary tear and wear. However, they cannot force a tenant to pay for a carpet that has experienced normal wear and tear.


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