Things You Should Know About Tuckpointing


Tuckpointing Service

Tuckpointing is the process that rebuilds and repairs damaged bricks to prevent further deterioration. It involves removing rotted mortar, cleaning the joints between bricks, and filling it with new mortar. This solution provides a protective layer around individual bricks, as well as the joints between them.

How Often is Tuckpointing Required?

If your home’s mortar joints have become crumbled, it could be a sign that you’re ready to get tuckpointing done. Tuckpointing is when loose bricks are removed and replaced with new ones, and then the mortar joints are refilled. This repair can make your home look brand new, keeping the structural integrity intact while improving the curb appeal at the same time. Tuckpointing is a brick replacement service that involves excavating the existing mortar joints and then replacing them with new mortar. In addition to brick replacement, we can also repair mortar joints that have become loose or crumbled over time. Because tuckpointing requires a lot of work, it’s important to hire pros experienced in tuckpointing for the best results.

Why Should You Get Tuckpointing Service?

Tuckpointing is a great cosmetic choice that improves the value and perception of your property. By using a safe, environmentally friendly process, experts can restore the structural integrity of brick facades that would otherwise deteriorate over time. Neglecting to tuckpoint could lead to structural damage and expensive repair costs. And it also enhances the appearance of brick walls and chimneys for both residential and commercial properties.

Professional Tuckpointing Benefits

The tuckpointing process involves removing any loose mortar from the surface of your exterior walls. The removal of the old mortar exposes the bricks or stones, which have already been installed by a mason. After this, the new mortar is applied to the wall and trimmed to match perfectly with the existing material. This ensures that your home will look clean and well maintained even after years of use.

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