Things You Should Never Put to Avoid a Blocked Drain


The kitchen sink drain is considered to be the dirtiest place in the house because this is one area that has maximum germs. Your kitchen drain takes in a lot of grease and oil, which is a favorable ground for microbial activity. You may also use the kitchen sink to wash out solid wastes to finish off your chores. But you should see to it that you never stuff wrong things in the sink because it will cause a blocked drain that may be difficult to clean. The plumbing system in the home may sometimes seem like a big mystery, but when you hire professionals, things can simplify. You should understand how it works and then know of aspects by which you can take care of the same to ensure durability and good health for your sink drain. Mentioned here are some things which you should never dump in the kitchen sink because only then you can avoid blocked drain.

Blocked Drain Cleaner

  • Medicines

Though medicines will not block the toilet or the drain immediately refraining from dumping them in the sink is suggested. Unless you flush them all at one go, you can be sure that there will be no blockage as such. Flushing a lot of them at one go will lead to the capsules clumping together and sticking to the drain wall preventing the smooth flow of drained water.

  • Wipes

Using facial wet wipes and tissues is one trend that had emerged in the last few years. Though a lot of wipe making companies claim of the wipe is easily flushed off, you should never do this when at home or elsewhere. This is because it is not always accurate, and therefore, you should avoid flushing wipes through drains. This will not just help you prevent blockages but also have a proper sewage line.

  • Food

Food and specifical rice is the most significant contribution to clogged drains. Before you start washing your empty plates in the sink, see to it that you have removed substantial leftovers properly and only then start with washing. Get rid of all the food waste, and do not let them wind up in your drain. When you are using a dishwasher, remember not to leave any food waste on the plates. These will not just be flushed down but will also cause a blocked drain and clog up.

  • Flour

Did you mix water and flour? These substances together produce a sticky, gluey substance that is hard to remove. If you let this mixture in your drains, it will not just stick to the sides of the drain pipes but will also attract and capture any other little bits of garbage. This will all cause a blocked drain, in the end, demanding a professional clean up.

  • Grease

Another substance that can cause a blocked drain is grease. It is something that sticks to the inside of your sewer pipes. Over a point of time, it will cause a big blockage, which can sometimes lead to pipe cracks or drain bursting. It is thus suggested that you scrap grease into the trash and not route through the sink and drainage. Any other type of oil should also be avoided as it can cause drain clogs.

Blocked Drain

Other than these, there are many different materials which you should take care of and not let them into your drainage pipes at all. Things may seem simple to clean at the start, but when the situations get aggravated, you will have to call in a professional emergency plumber to solve the problem of a blocked drain.

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