Three Roofs Way Better Than What Your Conservatory Has

On August 10, 2016 by Himanshu Shah

Nothing stays the same in business and technology. Development is constant and as consumers we should applaud that.

A decade ago conservatory roofs were predominantly made of clear twin wall polycarbonate for as much as 90% of all conservatories. These roofs are cheap, hard wearing and durable. They enabled the price to be kept low and were fit for purpose.

As time has developed there has been a variety of new styles, as well as enhancements to old styles, that have come onto the market. So if your conservatory roof is still twin wall polycarbonate, then you’ll want to read on.

Roof Options Far Better Than Twin Wall Polycarbonate

 Tripped Wall Polycarbonate

Tripped Wall PolycarbonateRoofs are about insulation and although the conservatory is a building that gets hot in the summer, like any building, you want to assure that heat loss is kept to a minimum. The U Value of the roof and its ability to block out harmful UV rays are key criteria for choosing conservatory roofs.

Keeping the cost right down with triple wall polycarbonate still provides you with options for bronzed, clear and opaque roofs, all with better thermal properties than those of yesteryear.

For those conservatories with older twin wall polycarbonate roofs, consider upgrading your roof to a triple wall style.

Glass Roofs

Glass RoofsGlass roofs take conservatory roofing to the next level. A range of high quality glass, from companies like Celsius provide a range of conservatory glazing solutions with amazing properties. You can have high quality heat shield glass that has a tinted effect, becoming slightly darker and more effective depending on the intensity of the sunlight.

You can also have your glass roof self cleaning, reducing the need to hire someone periodically to clean the roof and thus reducing the overall wear and tear on the roof.

When it comes to glass roofs, there are huge advantages that you can opt for, all designed with properties to help improve your comfort and health, like toughened safety glass, heat shield glass with low u values and self cleaning glass.

Solid Roofs

Solid RoofsSolid roofs used to be reserved for extensions. But now you can convert your conservatory into more of an extension with a solid roof. The solid roof can have roof windows inserted, but the overall roof is made from high quality materials and is solid, not transparent.

Choosing this style of roof is often reserved for those homes that require a slightly different use from their conservatory, like a full time living room, or even a bedroom. But whatever the intended use, the solid roof is a high quality product and is being fitted to more and more new conservatories, of all shapes and sizes.

Each of the roof styles listed above are superior to the old fashioned twin wall clear polycarbonate roof. As such they will cost more, with the glass roof being more expensive and the solid roof the most expensive. Despite the cost, they offer an array of advantages and benefits compared to the roofs of a decade ago.

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