Tips And Tricks For A Hassle Free Furniture Move In Melbourne


Hassle Free Furniture Move

The relocation of furniture tends to be one of the most painstaking and time-consuming aspects of a move.

Not only will one require movers in Melbourne to help out, but an individual will also determine permanent locations for the heavy furniture before moving itself.

On top of all this, there are several risks like damaging the furniture, suffering an injury, and more that one would have to take into consideration.

Therefore, it is important to work smart but not hard.

Steps To Take Before The Move

Before the actual relocation of goods from one place to another, you need to prepare yourself. It would be advisable to make a list of requirements.

This list should include the following:

  • Moving Equipment

If one decides to carry out the move on their own or call in favors with friends or family, then it would be a good option to rent essential moving equipment from movers in Melbourne. A few essential items include:

  • Moving Straps

This equipment is used to take the weight off of one’s arms as one moves heavy furniture. The tension that is created in the straps can counter the weight of the furniture, making it easy to lift even the heaviest items.

  • Dollies

These are platforms that have wheels fixed at the bottom. Dollies are a must-have for items that cannot be dropped, like refrigerators, musical instruments, and more. These items can also be secured using a rope tied to the platform to ensure that they do not fall while being rolled from place to place.

  • Sliders

To move around heavy furniture within the house, one can use sliders. These are, essentially, pads made from foam or rubber, which allow one to slide items within the home without scratching the floor.

  • Blankets Or Packing Material

One may also own furniture that is susceptible to breaking on impact with the ground. Therefore, one would have to use blankets or bubble wrap to protect these kinds of furniture.

  • Discard Or Donate

At this juncture, it would also be helpful to determine how important every item of furniture is. One has to decide if moving a particular item or paying movers in Melbourne to do so is worth the hassle.

This decision will help to weed out the items that are not frequently used and would therefore not be worth the effort of moving it to the new house. The furniture that does not make the cut can be donated or discarded.

  • List Items Retained

The items that have not been discarded or donated should be recorded in a list. This list will help one formulate a better understanding of how much furniture needs to be moved and how long it would take. In addition to this, one can also account for all the furniture after relocating to the new residence.

  • Disassemble

Homeowners can also look to dismantle the furniture into its constituent parts to make moving easier in terms of transport. In addition to this, one will not need heavy-duty moving equipment or more individuals to move the constituent parts. However, if an individual opts to dismantle the items, they should make a conscious effort to ensure that the parts are properly labeled and stored together.

  • Pictures

Taking pictures of how the furniture was set up can also help a great deal while reassembling it. This will act as a reference, especially for the parts that are hard to understand. Pictures should also be taken of electronics like the back of the TV or refrigerators to streamline the process of setting up later.

  • Transport Mode

An individual looking to shift should also decide the mode of transport that would be most beneficial to the moving process. At this point, one usually has three options to choose from. These include hiring professional movers in Melbourne, a shipping company, or personal transport.

Hiring the first option would be on the more expensive side in comparison to the other two. However, it will require less work to be put in by oneself since the movers will do the rest. The shipping company will help one shift from one city to another and should, therefore, be an option for the one who will be relocating a long distance from their previous residence.

After making this decision, one would have to choose the best route to take to the new home. Take into consideration the size of the roads, the traffic, speed breakers, and more. The route that has the least number of risks should be taken to prevent excess damage to the goods in transit.

  • Determine Locations

Finally, the process will not be complete if one does not have a clear plan as to where the furniture should be present in the new home. This planning needs to be done so that moving in will be drastically less stressful and more streamlined. Start with the innermost room or the heaviest furniture so that it is easier to maneuver this furniture in an empty house. The objective at this point is to prevent cluttering furniture in one region, as that could cause a fair bit of confusion.

Therefore, with these steps, the mammoth task of moving is drastically simplified. Be it traveling across states or just around the block, an individual has the freedom to seek help from professionals or friends.

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