Tips For Buying A Newly Constructed Luxury Home


Luxury homes are a rage in India today. After the slowdown of the property markets a couple of years back, homes exclusively designed for luxurious lifestyles started popping up across the country. The whole concept became a national craze after the inauguration of the Trump Towers in Mumbai by Donald Trump.

Trump Tower

Trump Tower Mumbai

However, there are a lot of times when people equate luxury with costly accommodations.

Let us take an example from Mumbai. There are upcoming apartments in the new suburban areas of the city, which are much bigger than 1 BHK flats of Dadar and Downtown Mumbai. But where costs are concerned, housing in downtown Mumbai would certainly be more expensive than the accommodations in the suburbs.

So the question now is, which one of these properties would be a luxury property?

There is no single factor that conforms to the norms of a luxury property. However, the following factors can be considered when looking for luxury properties.

Space and Volume

Property in Ahmedabad

The prime criterion for luxury is comfort. The first factor that dictates comfort in a home is the availability of space. Therefore, luxury accommodations-wherever they are-would boast of spaces.

There would be a large number of open spaces within the accommodation. There would be a certain degree of excess volume. According to some architectural norms, the floor-to-ceiling height in luxury accommodation should be at least 15 feet. If one thinks of old palaces and bungalows, the first striking feature of the Luxury interior structure is the high ceilings. A home with proportionate length and breadth to a height of 15 feet would seem significant. One can use to look for luxury homes using the build-up area as a filter.

Then there is the external area. A home should not seem grand from the inside. When one steps out of it, there should be spaces big enough to complement the interiors. Inclusion of parking spaces is a must, at least.

Featured Facilities

Luxury Flats in Ahmedabad

If a builder offers-say- luxury flats in Ahmedabad, and then the buyer should also be offered access to luxury facilities within the housing community. There is no end to luxury facilities when it comes to housing accommodations. If you’re looking for newly constructed luxury properties in Greenwich, for instance, there are plenty of amazing housing options from which to choose. If you love trees, foliage, nature, and a wonderful neighborhood, you’re in luck. Greenwich has plenty of those. Whether you’re looking for a stately mansion, palatial home, or an ivy-covered home with a pool, you can find them there.

However-at best-these facilities should be ABOVE par than most of the facilities available in other housing communities. Gym, swimming pool, and jogging tracks are standard features. Luxury housing should incorporate much more.

If one were to make a plain guess, luxury housing should seem like the one where the builder has made efforts not to do construction in an open space that is left out as it is. It is not a sure shot criterion, but it does follow the foremost criterion for luxury accommodations. Alternatively, the open spaces should have been developed into something that would either be a peer of a club or would comprise of more greenery than anywhere else.

Luxury accommodations usually comprise exclusive features. These could be elevators directly opening into your apartment, or at least there would be a concierge’s desk.

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