Tips For Buying Leather Furniture


Leather Furniture

An essential guide to help you buy the leather furniture, listed below is the essential features that you must consider when you are buying modern leather furniture.


Grading Of Leather

The leather has class, and you need to know what grade leather it is. This is the most crucial mark, which is about the quality of leather and indicating durability. On the grade of leather, you need to pay the price. Grading of leather is based on the way the leather is prepared.

The finish of the leather:

Finish Of The Leather

Three types of leather finish:

Aniline Leather


Semi-Aniline Leather

Semi Aniline Leather

Pigmented Leather

Pigmented Leather

Anilines have the visible markings on it such as in the form of scars or wrinkles but have lustrous patina. Aniline is leather which is soaked in the aniline dye. But this leather has no other finishes or pigment.

Semi-aniline is the protected aniline leather which has a light coating or pigment which helps from preventing any staining and also prevents fading.

Pigmented leather as the name suggests is treated adequately with color on the surface. It is of lesser grade hides, stiffer than the anilines leather but it is well protected against getting scratches, or stains and it doesn’t get fade due to exposure to the sun.


Texture Leather

Well if you want to spend money then opt for leather furniture which has softest and supple leather. It will give a luxurious feel. Such leather comes from high-quality hides.

Pigmented leather gives a stiffer feel.

Corrected grain leather is buffed such as to give excellent finish such as it gets rid of the imperfection of the surface.

Pull up leather is treated the leather with the oil or even wax and when its stretched oil or wax and it separated there is light color burst which gives a distressed look.


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