Tips For Choosing Home Office Furniture For Small Spaces


Home Office Furniture

After deciding to work from home, many people realise that they don’t have as much free space as they would like. If you are unable to dedicate an entire room to being an office, you will be forced to make do with whatever space is available (familiar places include the spare bedroom or a corner of the lounge room). This can make choosing home office furniture quite problematic; we have compiled these tips to help you out.

Assess Your Needs

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The first thing you will need to do is assess your needs, as this will ensure that the home office furniture you select is suitable. Do you require a place for a laptop or desktop computer? Do you require storage? How much and what do you need to store? Do you require a place to write notes? Do you require a printer or scanner? Will you be receiving clients in the office? Do you need a nearby fax machine and telephone?

Once you have answered the above questions, you will be in a high position to begin selecting your furniture. We have compiled these tips to ensure that you make the right purchases for your needs.

Your Workplace

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For a home office, you only need enough furniture to make yourself comfortable. A small table and chair are often enough if you work from a laptop. If you use a desktop computer and also need to store a printer or scanner, however, you should invest in a desk. If you have space, putting two desks at a right angle to each other is a great way to ensure you have plenty of room to write and take notes.

Receiving Clients

Home Office Furniture

If a large part of your business involves visits from clients, you should have your dedicated room. It doesn’t have to be fancy – that tiny bedroom at the front of your home will be sufficient, providing that space is friendly and professional. A desk is also a must in these sorts of situations, as it provides you with ample room to lay out papers and documents. Your laptop or computer should face away from clients.

The Right Chair

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You need to ensure that you have purchased an ergonomic chair for yourself, as this will promote good posture and will help to eliminate chronic health problems (such as RSI). You should also ensure that your clients have been provided with a comfortable and sturdy chair when they visit. We recommend looking for chairs that can be stacked away when not in use to increase the free space in your office area.

If you have decided to work from home and are looking to invest in some dedicated office furniture, we hope that you find this article useful in making your selection. Before heading into a showroom, we also recommend taking full measurements of your space to ensure that your chosen home office furniture will be a perfect fit. After all, the last thing you want to do is spend all this money on pieces that do not suit your space.

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