Tips For Choosing The Best Fireplace Glass Doors


Fireplace Glass Doors

A fireplace glass door is a feature you cannot afford to overlook whether you are remodeling an existing fireplace or designing a new one. Other than providing safety and keeping smoke and ash out of your living room, these glass doors add a decorative touch to your hearth, boosting its aesthetics. Fireplace glass doors allow your firewood to burn better, absorb the heat, and evenly radiate it into the room. Here are some tips to help you choose the best and easy-to-install fireplace glass doors.

  1. Determine The Type And Design Of Your Fireplace

It’s vital to know whether your fireplace is a zero-clearance or masonry one even before shopping for your fireplace glass doors. Most masonry fireplaces consist of natural stones or bricks alongside a mortar. Their outside chimneys often have permanent structures with clay or bricks.

On the other hand, the zero-clearance fireplaces are constructed elsewhere and installed in your home. They have metal surrounding them, and their exterior chimneys have vinyl or siding. At Van Isle Glass, you can find a variety of high-quality fireplace glass materials that work best for such custom fireplaces.

  1. Get The Measurements

Get accurate fireplace opening dimensions, including the space above the firebox and the flush with the firebox. The measurements will determine whether you will go for a custom glass door or a stock one. A custom door properly fits into your fireplace opening, while a stock door may overlap the fit. Typically, the design of most stock doors enables them to fit perfectly in square fireplace openings. Incorrect door measurements may affect your fireplace’s efficiency, performance, and safety.

  1. Make A Choice Between Ceramic And Tempered Glass

The type of fireplace glass door you choose depends on your preference and requirements. The good thing is that many glass doors are highly energy efficient, reducing energy costs. A significant number of fireplace doors consist of quarter-inch tempered glass. The glass undergoes extensive heating in a furnace and quick cooling to increase its tolerance to high temperatures. Ceramic glasses, on the other hand, have a higher thermal shock rating and can withstand much hotter fire when you close the doors.

  1. Check The Door Opening Mechanism

You can choose to go for bi-fold fireplace door styling or cabinet styling. Bi-fold doors have two panels per fireplace unit, folding into each other when opening. They open more like a closet and are ideal options if you want a wider view of the fire. Cabinet-style doors swing 180 degrees open. You can alternatively opt for a free-standing screen, similar to a door, although it is less common. Do your research to find the various bi-fold and cabinet doors and choose the most ideal for your living space.

  1. Select The Most Suitable Fireplace Glass Door Style

Different fireplace door styles exist, from vintage and rustic options to industrial and elegant ones. You might want to consider the contemporary and modern designs that blend with nearly any décor. Also, be keen on the spark protection, finish color, handle style, and the tint of the glass door. If you always forget to remove the fire ashes and other remnants, go for gray or bronze tinted glass doors.

A fireplace glass door is a perfect addition to your hearth as it improves the functionality and safety of your living space. The glass doors come in various designs, colors, styles, and sizes to suit every fireplace requirement. The tips above can help you pinpoint the best options for you from the many available. Ensure you buy your glass door materials from reputable brands to guarantee durability and safety.

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