Tips for Cleaning Home in Diwali

On October 15, 2013 by Himanshu Shah

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Diwali- the festival of lights and celebration is the very widely celebrated festival in India. People belonging to different states and castes celebrate this festival with equal amount of amusement and delight. During the month of October, the excitement for the arrival of Diwali begins. There are loads of things listed in the check list- shopping new clothes and ornaments, decoration, lightening up the house, making rangoli, and to top the list, cleaning the home.

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It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi is attracted to bestow her blessings upon the families that have decorated their homes the best within the resources they could afford and what was available to them. So it is essential to keep the home neat and clean, and through this, homes are somewhat renewed once in a year.

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Here Are Certain Tips To Clean Home in Diwali:

  • Diwali House CleaningFirst of all, throw away all the useless materials at home. They only occupy space and make an otherwise cleaner area look messy.
  • Lend the old clothes that you don’t wear to the poor so that there is room for new clothes you would buy.
  • Tidy up your wardrobes and shelves.
  • Unnoticed corners are usually dusty. Do not miss them out. Wipe them clean.
  • People tend to paint their homes in Diwali. If that’s your plan too, cover your furniture and usable properly so they do not get stained with paint. Unwrap the furniture once you’re done painting.
  • Then the normal cleaning is required. Like dusting, sweeping the floor, giving the old dusty show-pieces their luster back, replacing the old bed-sheets with the new ones, etc.

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Clean Sofa CoversOnce all this is done, you can decorate your home with lights and diyas. This brightness makes Diwali such an auspicious occasion. On a funny note, mother gets an excuse to make her husband and children join hands with her in working and cleaning the home. Unity amongst the family members makes the task easier.

Important is to de-clutter your home. giving away the unwanted things to needy people is best in two ways: one it helps in cleaning and other you are being helpful.

Once you have cleaned the whole home you need to ensure that regular dusting is happening.

Place the beautiful sofa covers, new pillow covers, new linens, curtains and drapes in your home. In case you don’t buy new wash the old ones and then use it.

Place potpourri and aroma creating essential oils in room.

Keep in corners insect repellents etc. so that your room remains clean.

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  • I feel that these tips would greatly enhance the interiors during this Puja season. I for one am extremely gald that these tips were shared. Thanks for sharing this insightful post with us!

  • According to our indian tradition cleaning a home in diwali means an invitation to Goddess Laxmi. Thanks for these tips.

  • First of all ; We have to know about happy Deepawali and after do as well as good actions according to caste. we worship of god as laxmi. Thank you very much .

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