Tips For Creating A Beautiful Garden That’s Also Cat Friendly


Cat Friendly Garden

Your garden should be your sanctuary, a place where you can escape the distractions of everyday life and relax with nature. It’s therefore important that your outdoor space makes you feel happy and safe. But what about other members of your household?

While pet owners will no doubt consider the suitability of their home when introducing a new animal, it’s easy to overlook the garden. Is your outdoor area secure for your pet? Does it provide a safe haven and a place to take shelter? We’ve provided some tips to help you create a beautiful garden that’s also cat friendly.

Conceal Necessities

While it’s advised that fresh water and a place to shelter are available to your cat, you still want your outdoor space to look attractive. Rather than merely placing a bowl under the hedge, why not consider a water feature? Not only will a fountain provide drinking water for your cat, but it will add some character to your garden. When it comes to providing a place for your cat to seek shelter, try using simple landscaping to create hidden spaces. Careful placement of rocks and raised beds can create concealed spaces that look natural and will attract wildlife to your garden.

Plant Flowers

Flowering plants will add a splash of colour to any garden, but did you know that flowers are good for your health? According to research, having flowers around can have a positive impact on happiness and might even help reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.

Furthermore, they can boost creativity and productivity while alleviating stress. If that’s not a good reason alone to bring your garden into full bloom, then think about the benefits to the environment. Flowers will encourage pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, into your garden. Consider using a ‘beebomb’, a dirt ball laced with flowering seeds, to create your own mini wildflower meadow.

Be cautious, though – a number of common garden flowers are extremely poisonous to cats and can be fatal to them, so it’s vital that you do your research. If in doubt, speak to a professional.

Use The Space

Use different heights and textures to make the most of a small garden and create the illusion of more space. Dividing your garden into different sections with trellis or bamboo screens will add depth and create interest. Play around with different heights as well – plant tall ornamental grasses beside smaller plants and decorate bare walls or fences with foliage or creepers, such as vines or ivy. The added depth and texture will not only make your garden an ideal escape space for you, but it will provide lots of hiding places for your cat.

To prevent your cat from wandering off and getting lost, you could look at attaching a good quality fence topper or providing a cat patio. These can be found at and will allow you and your cat to enjoy your garden together safely and securely.


There are many ways to make your garden beautiful while also ensuring it’s cat friendly. Follow these tips so that you and your pet can enjoy a soothing, relaxing outdoor space together.

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