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Have you finally made the plunge and purchased a vacation home this year after dreaming of doing so for ages? Or perhaps you’ve owned your holiday spot for years but haven’t had the time or money to redecorate as yet?

Either way, designing your vacation property’s look and feel is one of the fun parts of owning an additional abode. Read on for tips to make the home feel like a place you anticipate returning to over and over.

  1. Factor In The Location Of The Property

As you think about how to decorate your vacation home, factor in the location of the property. That is, if you have a beach-based abode, you probably want to go down the chilled-out, relaxed vibe, perhaps with a light color palette, such as soft blues and greens. If your vacation spot is in the mountains, where it gets cold and snowy, you might like to choose darker tones. Think wood paneling, deeper paint colors, and warm, cozy fabrics.

For a home that gives you a city fix, you may want to go for a more contemporary look and feel, while for a country retreat, perhaps bring nature indoors with earthy shades and textures. A cottage vibe is often the perfect fit for these types of holiday homes gold coast.

  1. Consider The Home’s Use

Also, consider how your vacation home will be used. Is it space purely for you and your family and friends to use? Or will you rent it out to others regularly? If the latter, you may not want to decorate with too many personal touches.

Plus, many people also choose to avoid buying expensive items for things that will get a lot of wear by others. However, if you plan to list the home as a luxury spot at very high rates, the top income will cover you for more potential damages and general high usage.

  1. Invest In Quality Mattresses

Another essential element in enjoying your vacation home and finding it as relaxing as you hope has quality mattresses on all the beds. The same goes for when you plan to rent out the home, as guests expect comfort when they rest. They want to find a luxury mattress available on every bed, including convertible sofa beds.

As such, it pays to spend more money on higher-end mattresses that will last well. Choose options that align with your body type and the style of mattress you like, too. Plus, you may want to add thick mattress protectors to up the comfort level further and help keep dirt and liquids from seeping down.

  1. Add Little Luxuries

When we go away for a vacation, we all want to enjoy a little bit of luxury and feel somewhat spoiled while we’re taking a break from our regular life. As such, look for areas where you might be able to add little luxuries to your vacation home to make it feel even more indulgent. This doesn’t necessarily require a lot of funds. For example, pay attention to finishes, such as the accent pillows, area rugs, bed linen, towels, and other items you choose for each room. Opt for fabrics that feel nice to the touch.

Plus, add your favorite soaps, bubble baths, coffee beans, etc., so you feel at home when you arrive. Keep beautifully-scented candles, aromatherapy diffusers, and room sprays on hand, too, to ensure the property smells lovely, even after a period left unoccupied. You might like to buy some fresh flowers each time you arrive at your destination spot to brighten up rooms, as well.

  1. Keep Things Casual

Contemporary Cottage

Another tip when fitting out your vacation home is to stick with elegant yet still casual décor. A property you go to chill out in is not the place for fine china, hard-to-keep-clean furniture, and delicate, easily damaged items. Instead, kit the home out with easy-care things that convey style, warmth, and relaxation without the need for lots of upkeep or being vigilant not to hurt anything.

This selection is even more imperative if you have young children or pets who will be spending time in the home with you or if you’ll be letting the property out regularly to people you don’t know.

Having the chance to enjoy time at a vacation home is something not everyone can do. Optimize your time away by decorating your abode in a way that makes it classy, low-maintenance, comfortable, and a home away from home, no matter how long you get to spend there every trip.

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