Tips For Feng Shui Bed Placement


Tips For Feng Shui

Having a good night’s sleep is of utmost importance to our health, daily effectiveness and mood. Fengshui has a significant impact on the quality of our sleep and personal energy. It also has substantial implications on wealth and romance as well.

First, you will need a perfect bed in your bedroom. Your mattress needs to have a solid headboard that is made of wood, which will help in the stability of the relationship.

It should not have any storage underneath the bed. This is to allow the chi to circulate well. Finally, a right mattress (not a thin cushion or futon) will help in a good night’s sleep.

Here are 3 Feng Shui Bed Placement tips:

The Headboard Should Not Face The Door

The Headboard

When positioning your bed, refrain from having the headboard faced directly at any door. This includes a bathroom door, bedroom door, closet door, etc. Energy tends to flow out of the bedroom when your feet are facing the outside of the bedroom.

This may lead to a constant headache and restlessness. If you are unable to move the bed, a possible alternative could be to place something between the bed and the door, possibly a piece of furniture.

The Bed Should Not Be Facing A Mirror

The Bed Should Not Be Facing A Mirror

A mirror reflects your body when you are asleep, and this may cause energy to depleted. Moreover, sudden movements may be noticed by the eyes very easily when indicated, and this may disturb the sleep very quickly. Especially if the mind thinks that it is something creepy, it may lead to nightmares and sleepless nights.

This can be remedied by placing the mirror in another angle, not facing the headboard directly. Another way could be to place a piece of cloth over the mirror to cover it at night.

There Should Not Be Heavy Items Hanging Above The Bed

Bedroom Design

Items like the chandelier, ceiling fans, and drop lights should not be placed above the bed. These bulky items signify abundant energy is compressing the person sleeping. This depletes and oppresses your power such that you feel that you are always under high stress.

If you have something substantial hanging above the bed, shift the bed or the heavy hanging object away

Sides Of The Bed Should Not Be Blocked

Sides Of The Bed Should Not Be Blocked

You should ensure that a wall does not block both sides of your bed. It is said in feng shui that this will prevent the flow of energy. The restricted energy flow will prevent your body from recovering from its day of hard work.

Your body will thus feel tired and lethargic the next day. Hence it is best to ensure that there is space on both sides of the bed. Even if the room is small, try to make small areas on both sides.

These bedroom feng shui tips are meant to help in your getting your energy up during the day through good night’s rest. Many other factors can affect the Feng Shui of a bedroom. Factors include the position of your house (which direction it is facing), the environment the house is in, and the yin-yang of the person sleeping. It is thus best to consult a professional Fengshui master to better position your bed.


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