Tips For Interior Decorating With Aquariums


Aquarium Design

When deciding the decor of a room, an aquarium can add some life to the ambiance. The bright colors of the aquarium fish and props can make an otherwise dull room pop and invite guests to feel comfortable and relaxed.

However, when done wrong, an aquarium can stick out like a sore thumb, ruining the ambiance and making guests question why you would ever decide that it was a good idea. So how do you properly design your aquarium to match your room? And for that matter, how can you design your room to match your aquarium?

The first and perhaps most important step of designing your aquarium is the aquarium fish. This is the most difficult element of planning an aquarium, as it requires the most research and planning to make sure that the fish can live together happily without making things a nightmare for you to take care of.

Modern Fish Tank in Living Room

Certain fish are very social and will need more than one of their species to live a happy and healthy life. Some are excessively territorial and will make a living in the aquarium almost impossible for the other fish. Some fish, such as algae eaters, can make cleaning easier for you by cleaning up some of the algae and scum the other fish will naturally produce. Some fish can simply never live happily in an aquarium and shouldn’t be put in one at all.

Fear not, however. Many wildlife research organizations have prepared easy to understand charts and websites to help you know and plan which fish you want to make your aquarium pop, such as this most popular aquarium fish compiled by the website Aquariumfish City.

Once you have decided on the fish of your aquarium, it’s time for perhaps the most important element of all; size. How big should an aquarium be, and how can you optimize your aquarium’s size to achieve the effect you’re after? The answer will mostly come down to how much effort you’re willing to put in and how much attention you want the aquarium to draw.

A smaller tank is much easier to take care of, but it is easier to ignore by guests and doesn’t wow them nearly as much as a larger tank. In contrast, a larger tank will shock guests and give the aquarium fish much more room to enjoy themselves.

However, the larger tank is much more difficult to take care of and will require a lot more time cleaning the tank and making sure the fish are fed and happy.

Aquarium Decoration

Another matter of concern is decorating the tank itself. An empty tank will not reflect well on you, nor will it be an enjoyable aquarium fish experience. However, mismatched, cluttered, or ugly decorations will make guests question your taste. The key to deciding which decorations you will need is dependent on the room the aquarium will be in.

A room that will be used for serious occasions, such as a doctor’s office or a law firm, shouldn’t have an aquarium with bright, colorful decorations that might appeal more to children than serious business partners or patients. Similarly, a room that might benefit from bright or fun colors, such as a living room or pediatrician’s office, shouldn’t have an aquarium decorated with dull greens and browns.

If you want to pick the right decorations for your aquarium, you should try to use either complementary or contrasting colors, either of which will make your aquarium look nice while also attracting positive attention from the people who are meant to see it.

Ultimately, whether your aquarium is a delightful decoration that brightens up a room or a bizarre stain that ruins the ambiance will come down to how much effort you’re willing to put into it. Conscious planning, regular cleanings, and special care taken to the design will ultimately make the difference between a fantastic aquarium and a sad one. However, you decide to plan your aquarium. I wish you the best of luck!

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