Tips For Keeping Your Garage Clean And Organized


Clean And Organized Garage

Keeping your garage clean and organized can prevent you from having many problems, not to mention how satisfying it is. Garages seem like they become cluttered and messy immediately after you clean them, and this leads many people to give up on keeping them clean and organized. Continue reading for some tips on how to keep your garage in tip-top shape.

Remove All Items

While this is certainly the most arduous stage of the cleaning and organizing process, it is the most necessary. Removing every single item from your garage and setting it in your driveway is a great way to take stock of what you have. Not to mention, you will find some items that you no longer want or need. If you find any of these items, you can sell them or donate them, giving you more space and maybe a little bit of cash or goodwill. Once all items have been removed, you can begin on the more interesting stages of the garage cleanup process.

Inspect Your Garage

Now that you have a barren garage, you will be able to give it a close inspection, looking for any problems you may see. Keep your eyes out for any cracks in the concrete, as this can lead to larger problems down the road. Check all windows, doors, and garage doors you have. Look for any problems with the seals, broken glass, or other problems you see. If you have shelving in your garage, this can also be a great time to ensure that it is not damaged.


This stage of the garage process is absolutely vital, as pests can cause all kinds of damage, spread diseases, and infest your belongings. While examining your garage, keep your eyes out for any signs of pests. Look for any dead carcasses, droppings, feathers, fur, or any other signs. If you see any problems, now would be the time to take care of them.

The best way you can go about taking care of any pests in your garage is to hire a professional wildlife removal company. If you attempt to remove the pests on your own, you could end up with a partially-removed infestation, leading to more and more pests repopulating and leaving you with an even bigger problem. If you are looking for wildlife removal, reach out to an expert like First Choice Wildlife Service, as these experts have years of experience in not only removing pests, but preventing them from ever getting back into your garage again.

Clean Your Garage

This step is highly variable, in that many people want to put tons of effort into it, while others are good with a brief once-over. The bare necessities that are easier with an empty garage are sweeping the floor, dusting any shelving, and taking care of any oil or grease that can be easily removed. Some people really like to have a clean garage, and may go as far as applying a cleaning agent to the floor of the garage. This step can be as long or as short as you want to make it.

Sort & Put Your Belongings Back

Since all of your items from your garage are still sitting out, this is an excellent time to get organized so that you can stay organized. Many people like to put whatever items they can into larger totes, and label the totes for easy access. This is a great method, but there are various other ways people will sort their garage items. Once you have all of your items organized and you have decided where you want to put them, you can begin putting them all back into your garage. Once you have done this, your garage will be clean and organized, giving you enjoyment and preventing problems from occurring!

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