Tips For Maintaining Your Oriental Rugs


Oriental Rugs

Although there are many kinds of rugs available, what makes an oriental rug special is that it has been handwoven with ancient designs, intricate details, and high-quality wool fibres. The extensive workmanship that goes behind crafting it brings sheer joy and pleasure to the ones taking its glance. And it must be no surprise that such an excellent piece of craft would require standard care and maintenance. So, below mentioned are some tips to clarify your oriental rug repair queries.

  • Rotate Regularly

You must rotate your rug once every two or three months. Doing so will help in the distribution of wear making your rug look uniform. Especially if you happen to be from a high-traffic surrounding, it becomes all though more necessary to rotate the rug timely. Some even claim that rotating the rug once every year would work but to maintain its appearance; you must try rotating it once every two months.

  • Block Sunlight

Try keeping the rug away from the area that receives direct sunlight because doing so may result in color fading. The rug may thus lose its artistic features. But if it’s difficult for you to keep the rug away from sunlight, you could even try rotating it more frequently. This would enable the color to fade evenly.

  • Spot Clean

Any spills that get on the oriental rug must be cleaned immediately. If not done, the stain may retain and hamper its appearance. Whenever a liquid gets spilt on the rug, use a dry cloth to soak the liquid. And to remove the spots, don’t go for any conventional cleaning chemicals like soaps or bleach ( it may affect the delicate fabrics of the rug ). You can instead cleanse it with water. If that doesn’t help, consult an oriental rug cleaning service with a team of professionals to take good care of your rug.

  • Flip The Rug Timely

Other commercial rugs may have been designed only on one side, whereas traditional rugs like oriental rugs are handwoven beautifully to showcase both sides. So, flipping your oriental rug occasionally may not be an issue. Instead, flipping the rug timely would resist the dirt from getting accumulated on one side. Also, this would prevent one side of the rug from getting damaged by excessive sunlight or any sort of spill.

  • Vacuum

Maintaining Your Oriental Rugs

It is necessary to vacuum the oriental rugs regularly so as to remove the unwanted dust from them, or else the accumulation of harmful filaments may harm the fabric. Before vacuuming, you may also pick the rug up and pat it a little to set the dirt free.

  • Use Padding

Placing padding beneath your oriental rug will help it stay free from wrinkles, and its shape also won’t get distorted. This helps the carpet maintain its value for a longer time and makes it easier to walk on the rug.

  • Don’t Let Moisture Build-Up.

If there’s any moisture build-up on your oriental rug, it may lead to mold formation or bad odor resulting in fabric destruction. Thus, try to air out whenever the rug gets in contact with any moisture. You can let your rug dry outside once every five or six months.

Final Words

The more precious the thing, the more attention it demands in its maintenance. The same goes for oriental rugs. Crafted with detailed patterns and excellent fabric, the rug asks for a little more maintenance as compared to the other commercialized rugs.

To ensure that the rug doesn’t lose its elegance or the color doesn’t get faded, you must contact professional rug cleaners instead of trying out any conventional cleaning methodologies. Its artistic beauty and value must not be hampered. But with little measures, you can definitely add an oriental rug to your home and enjoy its craftsmanship.

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