Tips for Mix and Match Patterns in Home Part 3


Mixing and Mmatching Patterns in Home

Mixing and matching patterns in home with colors, fabrics etc. give your home a refreshing and different look. With the mix and match of the patterns you can give your home a personality which will enhance your interiors as well as create ambience in home.

Tone on tone color print neutralize the space

Modern Living Room

In these recent years tone on tone colors that is choosing varying saturation and the tint levels of same color in interiors has made interior decorations much easier. This is specially seen with shades of grays, whites, chocolate brown, greens, etc. which helps in mixing and matching the patterns easily. The outcome of such mixture is of varying impact level. You can stick to choosing one or two decorative items which have large impact prints ad tone down it with other furnishings with smaller print.

Important is you need to create a focal point with the colors and patterns mixture.

Contemporary Living Room

Confusion is part when you have to make choices in mixing and matching the patterns. The very task of choosing wallpaper, draperies, upholstery, furnishings, fabrics, and decorative finishes make them confuse as what they really want in their interiors. The solution is choose a piece of wall art or color you love, or ottoman that has inspired you and find the patterns, prints and embody it with your focal point piece and match or compliment it with different color or style.

Eclectic Bathroom

Wallpapers are the best in showcasing the mix and match of patterns and also help keep the room in balance and comfortable in eye and mind.

Prints must not overpower the furnishings.

Contemporary Home Office

If you have choose big and bold print consider to use accent of small print or paint on adjacent walls.

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