Tips for Mix and Match Patterns in Home


Mix and Match Patterns in Modern Living Room

Mix and matching patterns give is the interior design trend which is here to stay. The plains and solid color have now become thing of past. Now it is done in combination which also include solid colors as well but in mix with some patterns. Here are more tips for mixing and matching patterns in home:

Use various scales when you mix and match patterns:

Dominant Print in Modern Dining Room

When you choose patterns for your interiors remember any large scale patterns which intermingles well with small scale prints but color palette must be of same color family. You can start with choosing dominant print from artwork or for window treatment, select smaller scale patterns for the accent pillows, and the fabrics throughout interiors. More variety you have in scale of the patterns you have more comfortable space which will give welcoming feel.

Go for bold colors and prints:

Jewel Tone Colors

You can actually choose from wide collection of the bold colors. The Jewel tones in rich burgundy or aquamarine blue or garnet red will look love with zebra print side chair.  You need choose monochromatic design such that it doesn’t compete visually with bold colors. Bold colors are exciting and invigorating.

Best is to find a pattern you like and mimic it in your interiors décor:

Polka Dot Designs

Like if you like gingham stripes or the plaid patterns or polka dots you can mix and match these patterns in form of alternative decorative tiles. And the best place to do is your bedroom. Mix and match patterns on the bedding, window treatments, accent pillows, lampshades and use varying scale versions of beautiful wonderful prints. You can have solid colors for sheet, coordinate with accent pillows and get area rug to balance patterns.

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