Tips For Mixing Classic And Vintage In Your Home Decor


Mixing different home décor styles can add depth and richness to your home. It also allows you to add your personality and style through a few well-chosen pieces. Mixing the warm, welcoming colors, patterns, and fabrics of classic home décor with a vintage personality can give a balance that will make your home anything but boring. Here are some tips to achieve the perfect mix between the two.

Color Palette

Vintage Colors for Kitchen

When mixing two decorating styles, it’s best to keep your color palette neutral. Bright colors can detract from your furnishings and accessories, making them look like they stand alone instead of keeping things cohesive. Choose a color palette and then repeat those colors throughout the room. Neutral beige walls and curtains can be complemented with a turquoise antique plate display hung on the wall. Splashes of red or yellow in pillows or a rug can bring the room together while not making it feel overdone. Various shades of beige, browns, or even orange can accentuate your brighter colored pieces.

Unify With Pattern

Vintage Camelback Couch

Patterns can be another way to bring vintage charm to your classic décor. If you find a patterned fabric from the past that you love, use the colors in it to pick your color palette. Stick with those colors, and your room will come together quickly. You can also repeat patterns found in the lines of furniture or accessory pieces. A vintage camelback couch can give visual movement to your room. Repeat the curve of the couch in patterned curtains or a painting, and your classic décor has a vintage twist that will subtly please the eye.

Create A Focal Point

Vintage Living Room

Creating a focal point can be the answer to using a favorite vintage piece that doesn’t fit in or match the rest of your room décor. Put it front and center, so it is the first piece to catch your eye when you enter the room. Even if it’s not a piece of décor, but a feature like Glass and Windows shower stall or a rare stained glass library door, frame it like you would any other antique piece. Classic pieces become a soft background for the standouts in your collection. Vintage furnishings can be toned down with a classic art display from a big box store as well. Because it is so different from the vintage surroundings, the art display will draw the eye and tone down the vintage feel. If you keep palette and pattern in check, the classic accessories can flow seamlessly with the vintage furniture.

When mixing two décor styles, keep an open mind. Don’t be afraid to take some risks with pieces that you love. Keep your colors neutral and let your favorite vintage finds be the standouts in your classic home.

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