Tips For Picking The Best Timber Flooring That Suits Your House


The flooring of your home can make or break its ambiance. No matter how expensive your appliances and furniture may be, if you’re using a dirty carpet as flooring, don’t expect that your guests and family members will love staying indoors. Living in this kind of house will also leave a negative impression on your character as a homeowner. If you don’t want any of these to happen, make sure that you only pick the best timber flooring that suits your home.

Timber flooring is a product of nature, which is also known as wood flooring or hardwood flooring. This kind of flooring comes in a wide variety of cuts, colors, styles, and species, making it hard for you to choose one. To help you out, make use of the following tips:

  1. List Down All Of Your Requirements First

List Down All Of Your Requirements

Different people will look for different things in their timber flooring. While some prioritize the aesthetics of timber flooring, others are more concerned about the sound it makes. Before you head out to buy timber flooring for your home, determine what your requirements are. Do you want your flooring to be warm, durable, or gentle? Are you living with children or pets at home? All of these factors and more are important when you’re listing your requirements.

If you’re clueless about where to start, consider consulting professionals from your area. Their experience in timber flooring Melbourne, for example, can help you narrow down your search, allowing you to pick the best timber flooring suitable to your needs and lifestyle.

  1. Always Consider The Durability

Durable Bamboo Flooring

Timber flooring will require money from your pocket. No matter how big or small your house is, you will need to shell out a certain amount of money to have timber flooring installed. For you to make use of your investment better, look for durable timber flooring. The durability of the material and the traffic of your home should be considered when you’re comparing options.

Timber flooring made from bamboo, non-marking wood, and tallow wood can be excellent options for your living area. These materials aren’t prone to scratches even when used in high-traffic spots.

  1. Match Your Flooring With The Other Details Of The Room

Professional Flooring Installer

Your home shouldn’t only be functional—it should also look pleasant all the time. How can your guests and family relax when your house looks chaotic? Do you think they’ll love spending time at home if everything is unorganized? That said, the elements of a room should also be considered when you’re picking timber flooring. You should install timber flooring that complements the decor, fabrics, and furnishings of a specific room.

Some general rules include choosing timber flooring with light colors for a casual or contemporary room, and timber flooring with dark colors for formal settings or traditional rooms. Timber flooring made from natural maple eye or red oak can work well with any theme or interior design. Corks, particle boards, and composites can provide a modern feel to any interior space.

  1. Think About The Maintenance Of Your Timber Flooring

Beautiful Wood Floors

For you to enjoy your timber flooring for the longest time possible, you should know how to properly take care of it. The time and effort you put into cleaning your timber flooring can affect its longevity. Always choose timber flooring that requires maintenance suitable to your lifestyle.

In general, timber flooring involves protecting the surface from moisture, as well as wear and tear. You will also need to clean it with the appropriate cleaning products regularly. If you’re not able to accomplish all of these things in the long run, your timber flooring might be damaged easily, or its warranty might be void.

  1. Research All Available Products

Floor Timber

The internet can be a gold mine of information when it comes to knowing the different materials in timber flooring, and what the pros and cons of each one are. However, your decision shouldn’t solely rely on the things you see on various websites. You should also take the time to visit local stores around you to know what your actual options are. You might end up being frustrated because the material you’re eyeing to use isn’t available in your area. Conversely, you might be surprised how another material is only available in your area but isn’t featured online.

Timber flooring is usually made from the following materials:

  • Cork: This is one of the most underestimated materials in timber flooring. Timber flooring made from cork can give your feet warm and soft sensations while walking, perfect when you have small children at home. This kind of surface is usually tinted in black and will eventually turn into a dark chocolate shade when exposed to sunlight.
  • Solid Timber: Solid timber comes in several price points and qualities. When buying this kind of flooring, keep in mind that as the width increases, so does its price.
  • Timber Laminate: If you pay attention when searching, you’ll be able to find timber laminates that are durable but don’t cost as much. This material allows you to create a beautiful and wide board look without the need to break the bank.
  • Recycled Timber: This material might be recycled, but this doesn’t mean that it’s cheaper. In some cases, recycled timber can be more expensive than new timber depending on the former’s size and age.
  1. Compare The Costs

Compare Cost

The timber flooring you choose should be appropriate for your budget. Don’t buy something that will require you to take out several loans as this can only result in bigger financial turmoil in the future. Get the costs of the materials—including the installation and maintenance—and assess if this amount is something that you can afford.

Trust The Pros

Picking the best timber flooring is one thing while choosing a contractor to install it is another. For you to get the most out of your timber flooring, make sure that it’s installed by an experienced, skilled and licensed contractor. Merely paying someone to do the job will only result in unwanted stress and more costs in the long run.

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  1. I didn’t realize that cork can be used for timber flooring! That sounds like an interesting option. My husband and I need to replace our linoleum flooring in our kitchen with timber floors. We’ll have to figure out what kind of material we want before we schedule an installation.

  2. I was thinking about timber flooring in my house. But seriously I didn’t know much Frankly speaking nothing. At this high point, it’s great to have this writing. It boosts up my knowledge from nothing to actually everything about timber flooring. Thanks now I can relax and make them.


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