Tips For Preparing Your Home For Sale Or Rent


It’s not the same, seeing a two-room, one-bath house the same as a cozy space with linen curtains and a blue couch, just like the one in the decorating magazine you saw the other day.

And that’s why, if you are going to put a house on sale and you want to do it at the best possible price and in the shortest possible time, you have to fall in love yes or yes. And to fall in love, you can’t just enter the search filters of a real estate portal and cross your fingers so that they click on your ad. Because in all probability, the list of houses that enter those same search filters will belong.

To sell quickly and well, you have to get your house to stand out from the rest, to convey emotion, and to make them fall in love with it when they decide to visit it.

Real estate investors, large and small, already know this and turn to professionals in architecture, reforms, decoration. To make the most of the property, they put on Mason City homes for sale.

We tell you some techniques to cover different needs and different budgets.

Go Over What Already Exists

Go Over What Already Exists

Your house is in good condition but full of memories of your holidays, of toys, maybe some old-fashioned furniture, or a lot of furniture from a thousand years ago that has been accumulating in your home-shop? I’m sure there’s a long list of things that you don’t use and that are still in the way because you feel sorry to throw them away.

Here, you will need to resort to the essential things: order what you have, simplify the decoration as much as possible, reduce the most personal elements of the house and eliminate the elements that are not necessary (functionally or aesthetically). With these little touches, you will make it easier for your home to look spacious, clear and for someone to imagine living there. However, you should keep in mind that Christopher Ellyn Homes buys houses in all conditions, and then they do their magic and make the place awesome for living.

Express Decoration

Exterior Decoration

If the house is empty or has very outdated furniture, use an express decoration to give warmth to a cold space or new life if it has become outdated. You can do it yourself or use a professional home staging service, a technique that is gaining more and more followers in Spain year after year in the sale of second-hand homes.

With this technique, you can solve it in a very economical way, since you can take advantage of the already existing elements of the house and transform them, as well as play with the rent of furniture to minimize costs. Here is a good summary of the reasons why home staging can help you sell your home.

There are more basic points that go into the basics, such as painting the house (always in neutral tones, which multiplies the brightness of the space) and fixing small visible faults (don’t give the buyer reasons to add a list of repairs to be made in his head, he will negotiate the price down!)

And there are also many low-cost solutions to improve the perception of worn or outdated elements: applying glazed paint on old tiles, wallpaper to give a special touch to an empty wall, floor vinyl to hide damaged tiles, changing the shower curtain or the bathroom mirror, the handles of the kitchen cabinets, repainting with chalk paint old and dark furniture with lighter shades (refresh your memory with the ideas we gave you in this article on spray painting).

A word of advice: if you have to choose what to spend more of your budget on, put more focus on the kitchen and the bathroom; that’s what buyers and tenants look for most.


Refurbish Home

Is it an inherited house or not updated since the eighties or nineties? Then the idea is to carry out a complete reform to avoid falling into a sale or a rent below the market value. Renovating a house can increase the appraisal value by between 15% and 17%, in addition to the cost of the work.

But it is always more reliable to check it yourself, go to a real estate portal, and analyze the prices of other houses in your same neighborhood, comparing refurbished and unrefurbished homes. Going down to the exact casuistry of your type of house and your neighborhood will give you a more exact idea.

According To A Study By Habitíssimo, The Most Valued Elements Of A House Are (In This Order)

Valued Elements Of A House

  1. The light of the rooms.
  2. A spacious and renovated kitchen.
  3. Energy efficiency.
  4. New technologies and domotics.
  5. Additional facilities (swimming pool, paddle tennis court, gymnasium).
  6. Renovated and spacious bathrooms.
  7. In several of these points, we can indirectly see the general tendency to look for more diaphanous spaces in the house. Throwing away partitions to eliminate long corridors and expand the living room, built-in closets to escape from visible storage spaces, solve reduced bedrooms or mini-kitchens. Take all this into account when assessing to what extent to reform your house integrally or concentrate on some rooms.

3D Recreation Of The Reform

3D Recreation Of The Reform

If you do not have the necessary budget to carry out these reforms, you can use the 3D renderings to show in a very realistic way, with photographic quality, how the house would look once it has been restored. In this way, the imagination required of the future buyer of the home is less, and that first “bad” impression is softened. By extension, the possibility of very low price negotiations is also minimized.

However, you must include in your ad, after these renderings, the current images of the house so that the interested party is aware at all times of the reality that he or she will find when visiting the home.

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