Tips for Prepping Your Home Before Buyer Viewings


Thinking of putting your home up for sale? The housing market is hugely competitive, meaning that some properties, however nice, can languish on home sale websites for some time. After you’ve had your home professionally valued, such as with a property valuation in Sydney, you can begin to think about the best ways to present your home.

Ensure a quick sale by following the tips below. Doing these things on the day of buyer viewings, or preparing for them in advance, will ensure that your property is snapped up fast, and you can soon be moving into the house of your dreams.

Tips for Prepping Your Home Before Buyer Viewings

Let Natural Light In

It should be your goal to present a well-lit, open space. This is the best way to entice potential buyers – everyone wants to know the property they’re buying benefits from a lot of natural light. Throwback all your curtains to display your home in the best light.

Scents Appeal

Studies have shown that a great-smelling home boosts its value in viewers’ minds. Before your viewings or open house, try some of these great tips:

  • Yup, bake your best-smelling cakes, bread or cookies to be almost done just as your viewers are due to arrive. This will create the impression of comfort and homeliness.
  • Set out fresh diffusers, light scented candles, or use essential oils. Stick to light, fresh, neutral scents that won’t overwhelm visitors, like vanilla, lavender and linen.
  • Fill a few vases with fresh flowers to set out throughout the home.
  • Have stubborn smells embedded into your upholstery? Easily neutralise these with baking soda. Sprinkle on your carpet, sofa and curtains, leave for 15 minutes, then vacuum off. The baking soda absorbs the smells leaving a blank canvas to add nicer scents. Tip: sprinkle inside your trash cans to ensure no unpleasant odours seep out!

Temperature Control

As well as making your home light, airy and smelling beautiful, ensure the entire environment is comfortable and pleasant – another factor to consider is temperature. If it’s a hot day, open windows, back doors and use air-con if you have it. Make sure you have the heating set to a neutral temperature on cold days. (Be aware that heating your home will amplify scents, so go easy on the diffusers if you need to turn up the temperature!)

Clear Out The Clutter

Presenting a neat, tidy home is key for multiple reasons:

  • It allows the buyer to better imagine their furniture and things in the house.
  • It shows off the rooms’ features rather than your belongings.
  • Throwing out clutter now means less work for you when the moving week comes around!

Nooks And Crannies

Remember that every single part of your house is up for viewing – prepare for people to snoop around your cupboards, wardrobes and everywhere in between! Referring back to the point above, it’s not a great idea to throw your junk into ‘hidden’ storage when your guests come over… they will want to look in there too!

Show Off The Garden

Prune unruly hedges, sweep away fallen leaves, mow the lawn. Nice gardens are a huge selling point: people will imagine playing with their children and dog outside, making it a perfect setting for their vision! Even if you don’t have grass, make the patio or decking look inviting by clearing the floor, setting out the outdoor furniture and maybe adding some potted plants.

Don’t Forget The Exterior.

When you’re attempting to sell your home, it’s not just what’s inside that counts. If your windows need cleaning, the front door could do with a lick of paint, and there’s moss creeping up your brickwork, designate a day to spruce up your property’s exterior too. This is particularly important because many potential buyers will make a ‘drive-by viewing’ before deciding whether to book a full viewing: they will stop by to assess the front of the house and the neighbourhood. Make them like what they see!

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