Tips For Reopening Construction Sites


Reopening Construction Sites

The construction sector of the economy sustains the country’s commercial vigor. It has an intricate financial ecosystem of investment, employment, and economic growth that embodies the power of progress.

After many months of lockdown, the swinging cranes and bustling activity in hard hats have resumed across the United States. The pandemic had introduced an era of uncertainty for suppliers, contractors, and laborers who depend on daily transactions to put the bread on their dinner tables.

The recent development of mass vaccinations and better adoption of SOPs has influenced governments and contracting companies to reopen construction projects. Countless dormant sites have been reopened with a renewed sense of purpose and vitality to outperform the previous year’s lapses. 

How To Reopen A Construction Site Post-Pandemic

The reopening of construction sites is a complex process that requires the installation of better hygienic practices, facility maintenance systems, and efficient management in uncertain times. Getting a facility maintenance check is an essential step in the preparatory phase.

A construction site is a hazardous zone that requires proper safety and maintenance for an optimal speed of operations. The lockdown had restricted everyone to their home while the heavy machinery involved in the processes was left unattended for long periods. The lack of use over the months has the potential of causing technical failures.

Preventive measures such as mechanical examination and machine maintenance will ensure the safety of everyone involved. Bringing experts on the site before the commencement of operations will allow quick adjustments that prevent operational delays through trial and error. 

Tips For Reopening Construction Sites

Here is an in-depth analysis of the top tips you must follow before reopening an incomplete construction site. It is suggested that the property owner and site contractors should both go over these measures to keep things safe for the teams that contribute to the site. 

Get A Comprehensive Examination Of The Site.

Many contractors took the additional responsibility of regular facility maintenance during the lockdown. If you could not keep up with the maintenance routine, you must get started with one immediately. From the examination of the valve breaks to roof leaks, any delinquency on your part could escalate to significant concerns later.

The sewer lines and drains must be examined to test the seals and valves’ functionality that were previously installed. The ‘P’ traps on floor drains, sinks, and other water receptacles must be tested for gas levels in the episodes of discontinuation of use.

Foul odors that escape on the premises can be fixed with a simple recipe. You can make a solution of one cup of white vinegar in half a gallon of water. Pour the concoction down the drains and see the odors dissipate in no time.

The automated systems of lighting and temperature control must also be addressed in this phase.

It is advised to visit the property a couple of times before the scheduled date of reopening. Take a team of engineers along with you to test the mechanical and automated systems. Identifying the problems in the initial stage will cut costs for you and ensure prevention from further delays.

In case your property will be revived in shifts to follow the guidelines of social distancing, then it is evident that your construction site will require a better schedule and workflow. 

Make The Most Of The Low Occupancy Days.

You can use the weeks before the official opening as a time for aesthetic assistance. With low floor traffic, chores such as painting, carpeting, flooring, and false-ceiling can be completed in a hassle-free manner. The essential tasks will be done and dusted before the full crew is back.

This will not only save time but also allow you to explore better workflow planning. The increase in stay-at-home orders during the pandemic has evoked a sense of purpose and curiosity in the minds of many. This implies that it could be harder to lower the number of employees on the site.

The construction industry is very tactile and requires on-site interactions for ideal operations. But then, how can you efficiently manage a construction site while your entire crew is divided into shifts that do not overlap?

The easy solution is remote workforce management software like what Bridgit Solutions offers. This can be used for better delegation of tasks in the team. Better supervision can be guaranteed through streamlined records on every task and sub-task involved in the construction process.

This way, you can easily assign the responsibility of record analysis for inspections to someone from the analytics team. They can go over the records to determine if any necessary inspections for sprinklers or fire alarms have been missed. 

Begin Rescheduling The Missed Appointments

As soon as the site nears the date of reopening, you must begin the process of rescheduling missed appointments. Since the crew will be back on the property after a long time, it is necessary for you to have everything planned and scheduled beforehand to avoid any conflicts of schedule.

Getting the HVAC, fire protection, and plumbing sorted for the first few days will keep you ahead of the timeline. If you schedule your maintenance checks before opening, you will likely score a discount from dedicated services. And in case you are lucky enough to get the dates before peak season, then your advantage doubles.

A few weeks from now, the economic surge will increase the demand for contractors and renovators. You can go ahead and book appointments for the next six months to avail the financial benefit of high supply and low demand. 

Final Thoughts

A vast majority of contractors have suffered immense financial losses due to the lockdowns. But this does not mean that the reopening cannot be used as a baseline for sustenance.

There is a solid chance of you recognizing gaps in the operation’s essential needs and additional costs that unnecessarily weigh down the budget. Having an expense expert on board who can be consulted on a freelance basis is one such cost of production that you can allocate to another cause.

You can take the period before reopening to evaluate the expenses and investments genuinely required on the construction site.

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